Movie Review-Grave Encounters 2


Coming to home video March 12th

The first Grave Encounters film I really liked, while it was nothing original for a found footage film, at least it was entertaining. You just had to know the way the film ended that we were heading for a sequel, or possibly more after that as well who knows. That is the one thing about any kind of horror film or genre film that if it causes any kind of spark it will be done to death just as fast as causing that spark initially. But, I am not sure how it is possible but the second Grave Encounters film was almost as good as the original. This time out, the film centers around an aspiring film director named Alex, who tells us in the beginning what is right and wrong about horror and how he feels he has something to offer this genre that fans will rejoice over. Well, the film opens with Alex being one of the many critics and bloggers who are trashing or praising the first film as we get opposing views about the film. Well Alex becomes sort of obsessed with the film itself and whether or not this film was actually real or not.

When Alex starts researching the actors who played the characters in the film he is wondering why none of them have done anything since the Grave Encounters film. Alex starts to get weird notes from someone who he has no clue who they are named DeathAwaits666 who asks Alex for him and whoever to come to the actual asylum that the film was shot in and the answer to the questions he has will all be answered and the truth revealed. Looking at the movie’s poster, trailer and the blu ray case I think you know what they are heading for when they get to the asylum, but there is more than that to the film which I will not go much more about because there are so many twists to this film and genuine cool scare scenes that I think you know that this film is trying to outdo the original. Grave Encounters 2 tries to translate itself as a film inside a film, where they give you characters that are the real names of the actors and even the Vicious Brothers who directed the original and wrote this one have a cameo as themselves.

Where the film outdoes the original is in terms of kill scenes and some of the special effects, there was really cool horror moments that will get a jump out of you. Where the film seems lacking from the original is that the story was more solid the first go around and so were the characters. The characters this time around are so annoying and just horror clichés that you almost sit there and can care less what happens to them. The first one had a more realistic found footage feel to it, this one felt like Blair Witch 2 in terms of the feel of the film. This film at times seemed to lack direction where some scenes and moments just felt like they were going nowhere and were there just to fill up space.

Grave Encounters 2 is a worthy sequel and was way better than it has any right to be and takes the concept of the original and does add a lot of new things to it that could keep this franchise going and making it more open for more changes. I would say if you never seen either film this could be an awesome double feature, especially right now with the box office and even the video stores not really getting all that many new horror titles in. This is a decent one to support while waiting for more to be released.

7.5 out of 10