Movie Review-GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling


In 2001, wrestling seemed to have changed almost overnight. And it seemed that one man owned almost all the competition well you can see he owned the major threats at least, and that name being Vince McMahon. As the years after this buyout went on, all these tell all wrestling documentaries came out about the rise and fall of this federation, or this company. You just knew that eventually it was bound to happen a rise and end of G.L.O.W. which stands for the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. You notice in that sentence I did not use the word fall, because when the promotion ended it was not because of financial troubles or being out of a deal, because it was at the height of its popularity. This little documentary is a tad bit over 70 minutes and while not like the other wrestling documentaries of wrestlers ready to throw other wrestlers under the bus, this came across as a bunch of women who really got along and wanted to all become stars off this show.

The film talks about how this promotion all started from a blind casting call that all the women who applied did not know it was for wrestling and that almost half of them immediately left when they found out. That the ones who stuck around did not have any wrestling skills and that most were using this platform for movies and television. The girls talk about training with Mondo Guerrero of the famous Guerrero family, and he talks about how the women who started that some of them did not take it serious, and he had to show them that it was serious. Beside Mondo, the other two other guys who seem to have attention in this film are Steve Blance who was behind the scenes, and Matt Cimber who was the big named director who basically gave that promotion the structure and tough love they needed. It was often talked about how Matt used to call the women fat all the time to get them motivated to stay in shape, and also that nothing was off limits in terms of offending an audience. The shock to this film is Dave McLane refused to take part not only in the film but also the reunion that is the finale to this film, when all the girls in 2010 for the first time since the promotion closed got to see each other again.

As far as tell all wrestling goes this was very good, but it just was not long enough. It seemed to only touch the surface of something we all would love to have heard more about. This felt like the WWE NWO blu ray that came out a while back. It was just a sample, while I felt we needed to know more. But, the last twenty minutes when Mt. Fiji came out of the hospital from her problems with her feet and legs, to go to the reunion is quite possibly the most feel good moment you will have in any film this year. If you sit there and this does not affect you, you are not a normal human being. Of course, Ivory is on here as well, her name at that time was Tina Ferrari in her GLOW days and she gets a few sentences every now and then, which was another shock given that she really excelled in this sport to the big stage.

Again my only gripe is that they tried to stuff 4 years into less than 75 minutes and that they really did not dish too much dirt, but it felt that you would think there was dirt to dish and that maybe they held back. I know Ivory in other shoot interviews has not held back about her past, and it seemed on here she does hold back. So, I think this may have been made as a loving tribute a little more than a true account of things. Which is fine, I mean we all know that wrestlers tend to lie in shoot interviews so who knows, maybe Ivory told a lie or two to sell a dvd. It needed McLane to come on here and talk and share his moments, and also a more open Matt Cimber who also is not too talkative on here and declined to be interviewed. Which also leads me to think that there is a lot of dirt to dish that may explain those last statements a little more.

I will also say that the majority of the women you have to think some 25 years have passed since GLOW left, you look at the women and most of them are just as beautiful now as they were then. I will proudly admit I watched GLOW and never missed an episode and may have had a crush on a certain Russian anti American woman on that show. All in all this was a bittersweet tribute and really was a fun watch, one thing is for sure this does not drag or bore you, it is lively and exciting from start to finish and I think is really a great little taste, I just hope that there is a sequel in the works.

8.5 out of 10