Movie Review-Father’s Day


Coming out April 9th

Plot-Ahab, a man obsessed with exacting a brutal, violent revenge on the man who murdered his dad, joins John, an eager priest and Twink, a hot-headed street hustler on an epic quest to find and defeat this mythical monster known as Chris Fuchman AKA The Father’s Day Killer. This is the Astron-6 believe the fucking hype. Believe the hype….

Review-After watching this film, I know now that Astron-6 are not only the future of Troma, they are the future of film. I for one, am sick of the fake films that try to be hip and call themselves a” grindhouse” film. This is truly not only a grindhouse film, but is the front runner for 2012′s best film. This is the new day at Troma, and along with films like K.I.L.L., Klown Kamp Massacre and now the fucking Astron-6′s Father’s Day..Troma is not only back, they are ready to take film to a new level yet again. This film is just over the top in its approach. Fuchman raping and killing fathers, is both graphic and also so hilariously cruel, that you cannot turn away. This film is so non apologetic and so graphic. Almost like Troma is flipping off the Hollywood system, with this big fuck you to the modern Cineplex entertainment junk.

Father’s Day is both gutsy and ballsy, in its material and just absurdity. There is not a chance; this film is not afraid to take.
Amy Groening as Chelsea, if you are familiar with Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, she plays Lacey. She reminded me of a young Rose McGowan. Amy has breakout star written all over her, and when you watch this film, you will agree. Besides her sex appeal, she also plays against the bimbo stereotype. She plays a bad ass stripper who would rather kick your ass then talk to you. She is the perfect character to play against The Astron-6 guys. Where their style is either offensive humor or very graphic gore, and either makes you feel nostalgic or laugh a lot. She brings a beauty to the chaos.

This film has no problem offending the viewer, but also does it in a way, that it also entertains you as well. Matthew Kennedy as Father John Sullivan is to religion what Leslie Neilson was to being a detective. His deadpan style is just so silly, that you try not to laugh, and you cannot help it. Adam Brooks as Ahab is almost like a Machete character. To watch the two characters feed off each other in this film, just works. It is like two absurdities that just feel right and work well off each other. The film starts off by telling you, Ahab killed the Fuchman character. But, as the film goes on, we are not so sure. And when, Twink’s dad is dead, is when Father John goes hunting for the recluse Ahab.

This film parodies a lot of films we are familiar with, and when you think it will be a full parody, will end the scene with something out of the blue or just plain absurd. It was refreshing to see a film just go for it, and not try to take itself serious. This film has no flaws. From start to end, this is what the fans are going to expect from the fucking Astron-6 guys. This is not the future of film, this is the now. This film will kick your ass, and have you from first frame to last, begging them to let your throat go.

This film even has a commercial during the film. This is not the must see film of the year…This is the must see film of the decade. The Astron-6 are for real. Trust me….this not only lived up to the hype, it surpassed it. 2013 belongs to Astron-6…All hail the Astron-6 and the future of these guys is going to be huge.

10 out of 10