Movie Review-Death and Death A New Beginning


Review-Danger After Dark is that label that you just seem to expect something very odd from. The oddness ranges from odd sexual or very odd horror. Danger After Dark before mid-2012, their catalog was 99 percent hits and 1 percent misses. The last few months some of the titles they have been putting out while not the worst, you just expect more from the label. While I was not the biggest fan of Strip Mahjong Battle Royale, and X-Game was so so, this is another film that falls under the category of me maybe expecting too much from Danger. That is not saying this is a bad film, or in the case of this a bad two pack of films, it was just maybe Danger After Dark-lite. Death revolves around Ryuta who is an office manager type for a call girl service, Ryuta hates his boss just like all of us do, and he does not seem to like the girls either and he is drowning in debt. As fate would have it or as it is written in any horror film when a person has these kinds of issues, he gets an email with a promise of killing someone that Ryuta does not like. When he opens the email it leads him to a live chat where some masked people work together to select and kill anyone without leaving a clue, hint or clue.

This felt like a J-Horror version of Death Note, where it was a fun enough film filled with some pretty cool violence and some very dark humor. This film was not bad, and I would recommend it, but for Danger After Dark it just feels like a safe gamble. I just feel like with their films, they are genre busting, no rules and getting that word of mouth out like rapid fire among the diehards. This film did not fit into any of those categories nor did the sequel, it just felt like two horror films that were ok, maybe worth a rental or a cheap price tag, they even killed us on the special features, this is bare bones besides the trailers, which really sucks but you do get two full films. Now even with the sequel the storytelling is solid, you get back story on all the characters, even the ladies that he works with. The films do offer some clever twists here and there, and really makes you pay attention because what you see is not always what you get. Death Penalty.Com: A New Beginning the premise is a little different; a group of developers are trying to debug the site. The story revolves around Mio and her past. This time the developers are the ones who are the hunted, and there is nowhere for them to hide. The masks this time have changed, in the first one the masks were harmless fun, this time they could be disguised as something you would expect from Friday the 13th Part 2, The Town that Dreaded Sundown or the KKK. While the film tells a good story and the pacing is ok, this is another film like the original that is just ho hum.

All in all, this is another J Horror film that proves the genre is long gone and should be buried. This is not a bad two films, but it is barely a recommend. I would say that maybe watch the first one, and lower your expectations for what is next. I love Danger After Dark, Suicide Club, Feed, Gutterballs, The Living and the Dead, and etc, but I just am not loving what they been putting out the last 6 months. All in all, this could have been so much worst.

7 out of 10