Movie Review-Deadball


Coming to home video April 9th

Review-If I told you Sushi Typhoon was putting out a sports film sort of, I think this is definitely what you would expect from them. Deadball is a take on baseball that seems to have very few rules, and has a ball that can be used to kill your opponents. The film revolves around a character named Jubei, who as the film opens he is a little kid with his dad, and his dad asks him to throw the best throw he can and he does, and sure enough he kills his dad. That day he swears off baseball, which means you know as the film goes on he will go back to it. With something like that happening when you are young, as you can guess it can scar a child, and leads Jubei to a life of delinquency that ends him up in prison. Well in sort of a take on Death Race meets any prison sport film, the prison has a baseball team and they need him to be the pitcher. If you are familiar with Sushi Typhoon and their past, you are going to really have a blast with this film. This film is just hilarious and bloody fun. The kills in this film are a take on Battle Royale, with the ball being able to transform into any killing device and at times just gets to be more and more demented.

As much as I dug Yakuza Weapon and had fun with that film, this one was so much better. While it seemed that both had a lot of similarities, this film was just so much more hilarious to me. This film really has no shame, and that was the charm of the film. There is a scene in the film when the female warden and Jubei get into a fight and the phone rings, and she picks it up and it is Jubei on the other line hitting her thru the phone. Or a fight scene that involves MSG salt as a weapon, just adds to the insanity. This film has a lot of cavity search scenes, and watching people eat vomit for breakfast, and anything else in between for a laugh or gag. They play against the Black Dahlia’s and the ballgame was fun enough, considering all the kills happened during the game. If you are easily offended, this may not be the film for you. If you are into what Sushi has been doing, you are going to love this as well. My only question and the only negative to this film is how many films do they have left in them? I will admit when I saw Robo Geisha and Alien vs Ninja I thought this genre of films were scratching the bottom of the barrel, but then came Dead Sushi, Mutant Girl Squad and now this and I have faith that they can still create great films, but how many more do they have left?

All in all, this is so worth spending the bucks on when it is released. This is a must own, and to invite your buddies over and sit back and have fun.

8.5 out of 10