Movie Review-Dark Feed


Review-Dark Feed is one of those movies if you are new to horror you would be more open to it than someone who let’s say is a diehard fan of the genre. The film opens up with a girl who has a lip piercing and decides for no apparent rhyme or reason to yank it out. Then, we cut to a film movie crew who is in this old hospital which we find out later was for psychiatric patients and they are shooting a low budget film in there. Well, from the get go we knows there is something wrong as a wet leaky substance seems to be dripping and making ceilings fall, also a darkness that seems to be coming around this place as well as noises that cannot be explained.
This film is from the people who brought you the Amber Heard little sleeper The Ward, which for fans was either a love it or hate it affair. This film is more of the same, either people are going to love what this film has to offer or people are going to be not so kind. I fall into the not so kind for the simple reason, while I did love The Ward and thought it was fun, this film lacked the personality, characters and storytelling and seemed more about imitating more than creating. This is one of those films that the characters are so one dimensional, are so phony and just irritating that you just hope bad will to all of them, and you really become disinterested with every word that comes out of their mouth.

This film had a premise that while familiar had me interested to see how it would play out, and while at times some of the scenes were tense and decent enough, you just felt that this film played it way too safe and should have been more bold and daring with its horror and fear. Where The Ward had a John Carpenter and Amber Heard giving input and the results were entertaining, this film needed someone giving input and maybe speaking out and saying that the film needed better characters and storytelling. This film reminded me of a beautiful car, and when you go to sit inside there are no seats. On the surface and the outside of this film is some elements that do work, but on the inside and as a whole this film is another example of what happens when people overthink making a film and truly lose their focus and drive and just throw together a concept and ask you to get behind it.

This film felt like an incomplete student film, that a bunch of guys grabbed some beers and got their friends together on the weekend for little to nothing and said we have to recreate films like The Ring, Dark Waters and any other horror film that got any kind of buzz. The only thing missing in this film was a video tape and the footage that was shot. If you are a lifelong horror fan, you will despise this film and utterly be bored by it. If you are new to horror, this film may be better received by you though I am scared it may turn you off from horror.

3 out of 10