Movie Review-Curandero-Dawn of the Demon


Review-I have come to the assumption with Robert Rodriguez if his name is on the film and he is not the main director, to be sort of worried that his name is prominent more on a film to hide its flaws, and get you guys to see that name and assume it will be up there with his normal fare. This film has sat on the shelf for 8 years is now finally coming out, which is always another red light. Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez who is right now working on Fright Night II which looks to be straight to home video, and written by Robert this film is not as bad as it could have been, but by no means is this film anything worth bragging about either. This film is basically a fictional insight into a fact based Mexican underworld that is basically centered on criminals and black magic. The positives out of the way, the film does not give us cliche characters, or any dumb situations and had so much realism thrown in, that you would think this may be happening somewhat.

This film you just get the feeling that Robert had to be involved, because it would have been dead in the water without him. While that statement feels unfair, god is it so true. This film is just so ho hum, that you just wish they would have jump-started the pace of this film some more, that it just seemed to really go nowhere at times, and at others it seemed to be all over the place. The film did for the most part keep me occupied and I been burned in the past by the Rodriguez name placement with Predators, and this film was more of the same. It was basically underwhelming, but like a car wreck you could not turn away, you had to see how this film would play out. This is from the horror school of thought that if you can fool people to look, you may keep them interested when they realize they been falsely led on to believe something.

I am not saying this film is the worst ever or so horribly bad that you should not see it, I am just saying it is underwhelming and just felt so middle of the road basic, that there is nothing to this film that would make me jump up and say, you have to see this scene or listen to this dialogue. This is one of those films that you watch, and you just say to yourself, ok, next.

4 out of 10