Movie Review: Compliance


Craig Zobel’s unsettling and dynamic portrayal of true events that took place at a McDonalds in Mount Washington, Kentucky. A prank caller poses as a police officer and inevitably keeps the employees on the line for several hours while persuading them to strip search an 18-year-old cashier

What’s so frightening about this slow paced drama is that 100% of it is based on actual events. Some of you may have heard about the infamous prank calls to fast food restaurants that led to strip searches and in this case, hard spankings and fellatio. People were baffled by Compliance and the real life characters. Internet trolls and ass holes of the net have taken over news articles and videos on the incident with harsh criticism, “She sucked that guys dick for money,” and “It’s the girls own fault and she had what was coming to her. She could have easily said no.” I am offended by these remarks against this innocent 18-year-old girl. The victim’s intelligence has nothing to do with the fact that she was forced to do these things and will likely never recover. I cannot believe people have the nerve to say such things. Everyone stood by her and allowed this to happen. What if she was mentally handicapped? Would you still accuse the poor girl of being stupid and deserving of everything that happened to her? This is unacceptable behavior.

The film starts off with the manager of the establishment taking shit from a Sysco delivery driver. One of her employees left the fridge open all night which caused the pickles and bacon to soil. Short of bacon and short of employees on the busiest day of the week, she already has too much on her plate. This still doesn’t excuse the fact that she was dumb enough to allow these things to happen to this poor girl. If anyone is to blame, the manager (Ann Dowd) is to blame for allowing it to happen when the poor girl (Dreama Walker) begs just to take her to the police station and why wouldn’t she take her to the police station? This woman never thought that this was illegal?????? Policemen take matters into control in person, not over the phone. Let this be a lesson to all fast-food chains with below average intelligence. What’s even more puzzling is her fiance! Because the establishment was so busy, she had to call in reinforcements to watch over the young woman. The manager’s fiance had been drinking and somehow thought it was totally cool to spank this girl on her bottom and have her suck his dick. I’ve seen the actual footage of this happening and to that I have to ask, where the hell is this guy and how does he live with himself? You better believe that if I was this girl’s mother, we would be suing you for everything you’ve got, you would be in jail, or I would physically harm you.

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Compliance succeeds in building a tense happening that rises progressively uncomfortable. You cannot help but ask yourself, “How could this happen?” Dreama Walker is alluring as the abused cashier. She’s able to display the betrayal, fear, and bewilderment the real victim (Louise Ogborn) felt. The police weren’t even a mile away from the restaurant and Zobel does a magnificent job showing how help was just so close the entire time. Then we discover that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Roughly around 70 incidents like this occurred by the same man and he was acquitted of all charges. Luckily, Louise Ogborn received a 6 million dollar settlement.

This is a harsh examination of reality and human nature. It analyzes our eagerness to please. Complete with brilliant performances by talented actors I am not all too familiar with and a riveting score that further brings an overwhelming feeling to the viewer. I do not know when I will be giving Compliance another viewing. It isn’t fun. It’s far from entertaining. There is no comedic relief to ease the pain. It’s simply a lesson that needs to be taught. A horrifying event that needs to be shared. Everyone needs to see this at least once and hope it never happens again.