Movie Review-Bangkok Revenge


Review-Welcome to Bangkok in 1990, the weather seems nice and a great tourist attraction. Manit is a ten year old kid who one night becomes an orphan, when a group of guys kill his parents and put a bullet in his brain. They thought they killed the kid and come to find out he survived. When they find out he is alive, they go to the hospital to finish the job and a nurse abducts the kid and brings him to her village to meet Adjan, who trains the kid in martial arts. The bullet shot in the head has eliminated Manit from having kind of emotion or feelings. As you can guess while the kid was growing up the nurse who took care of his safety and the only mom he really ever knew has been keeping tabs on the ones who killed his real parents, and now Manit wants revenge.

This film is about 81 minutes and its idea of storytelling is more like cliff notes, they throw so much at you in the first twenty minutes that they really should have slowed down the pacing, built the story more. I mean, we get his parents dying within seconds, him in a coma, and him being abducted by the nurse to her village within minutes. The fight scenes and revenge seem almost anti-climactic because they seem to feel like they meant nothing and just thrown together just to say they did them. Some of the best fight scenes in this film were shadows, which showcased broken bones and brutality, though you do get some of it in person, but it meant more with the shadows, because it looked cheaply done when you see the live action showcase.

I mean I understand sustaining my disbelief for these kinds of films, but when a guy point blank shoots a kid in the head and he does not die that is sustaining too much. They talk about this “secret of the plants” and if you ask me what that means, I have no idea they never talk about it much or explain it to us. The inspiration for Manit to want to train for martial arts is when he witnesses a dog getting hit by a car and he stands by emotionless. They give us this montage that is just odd and so badly done where it shows trainer and student training in ankle deep lake water and it looks creepily like a man in a van trying to win a kid’s trust to get him in the trunk. Explain this to me so the film starts off with subtitles, then around 20 minutes they all speak English?

At 81 minutes this film overstays its welcome, I get that we do not get enough of these violent films about a kid who is raised to seek revenge for the death of his parents, but this film makes me think that we have hit the bottom of the barrel for this concept. When the Nurse explains to him who killed his parents, it was such a wasted opportunity trying to manipulate the viewer and then she looks at him and I guess we are supposed to show the emotion he cannot show, but my emotion was to turn the television off. This film is a hard film to find anything to recommend about it, beside the few shadow fights that even though they were the best thing about this film, were hardly any reason to say you need to see them. Skip this film.

2 out of 10