Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Found Not Guilty of Manslaughter

Randy Blythe

Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe was acquitted of all charges after judges gave a verdict of not guilty to the manslaughter charges that he was up against.

Before entering court this morning, Blythe took to his Instagram account with a lengthy message. This is an excerpt: “I have to face myself in the mirror, & tomorrow morning, where ever I may wake up, I will be able to do that without regret. This is THE ONLY path to true freedom for me- peace within myself. This is the manner in which I choose to try my best to live my life, & I hope you all do the same- do your best to do what is right, no matter how difficult it may be. I promise you, this will bring you peace. I thank you all for your support, I wish you all a good day, & to quote one of my favorite movies: STRENGTH AND HONOR.”