Freedoms Reign | Freedoms Reign (2013) Review

Freedoms Reign Freedoms Reign

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Freedoms Reign is a Portland, CT-based band led by Victor Arduini, original guitarist and founding member of Fates Warning. With the release of their sophomore effort, the self titled “Freedoms Reign,” they are back with more of a stoner/traditional metal sound with an extra bite.

Arduini’s vocals are not astounding, but seem to fit perfectly with Freedoms Reign’s sound. The guitar riffs give the tracks a gritty edge and the sparse lead sections always seem to fit perfectly in place. There are some nice melodic breakdowns in many of the songs as well.

Believe is the song that most people familar with Freedoms Reign have heard already. That is a nice song with a well done verse structure. Other standouts are Shadows of a Doubt  with its nice breakdown and vocal melody. The opener, Ritual, sets a nice tone for the album to let the listener know what is coming. The standout though is Up From Down. Its Black Sabbath tones make it a nice listen.

Overall, Freedoms Reign is a nice release for fans of stoner metal, not that the band is strictly in that genre, but fans of bands like Kyuss will truly enjoy this release. They also have a nice Black Sabbath feel to them with the riffwork.

Freedoms Reign Line-up:
Victor Arduini – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Jones – Bass
Chris Judge – Drums
Tommy Vumback – Guitars