DVD Review-My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding


Season One: (1) Born To Be Wed, (2) No Place Like Home, (3) Desperate Housewives, (4) Boys Will Be Boys, and (5) Bride and Prejudice.

Season Two: (1) Diamantes Are Forever, (2) I Fought The Law, (3) School Of Hard Knocks, (4) Love Conquers All, (5) Reputation Is Everything, (6) Out Of Site, Out Of Mind, and (7) We Are Family.

Bonus: 3 Hour Long Specials
1) My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: The Original Film
2) My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding
3) My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas

Coming to dvd this Tuesday

Review-Let’s start this review off with, “I been very sick in the last few days”. In reviewing, I always think to broaden my horizons, and when I am sick I will watch a lot of crap, trying to make myself fall asleep. I mean I have reviewed Glee, kids cartoons, anime, comic books, and all this other stuff I know without having to review I would never even think about watching it and if we talk about music, it is in the same situation. There is this British reality series that I know my mother is into and that anytime she calls me at home and talks about this show I always ask her, “How can you watch this stuff”. And now, here I am watching it. While the women have the traditions of gypsies, they do not consider themselves gypsies. They are at difference with today’s lifestyle and conveniences that we cannot do without.

The first season is 5 long episodes that deal with weddings and these ridiculous wedding dresses the women wear. This is clearly a show that either you are going to love, or hate. This is to me, a waste of time and I found myself fast forwarding after the full episode, just out of sheer boredom to get the basis of this show down, so I can write this review. This is clearly not my cup of tea, and unless you are into anything else on the TLC programming schedule, this may not be your cup of tea either. I know my mom loved this show, as did my Aunts. But, they are a bunch of women over 60, that think Judge Judy is religion and that Pawn Stars is on par with the NFL for excitement. Season Two of this set is not so much about weddings as it tries to go deeper into the characters, and give us just blandness galore.

The funny part of this whole deal is the size of these wedding dresses and how these women try to be taken serious wearing them. This is just a show that your mother or grandmother would love for their birthday or mother’s day. I just do not think shows like this are geared towards straight males, unless you have a fixation with tacky weddings and gaudy dresses. I will not rank this film one to ten, I will just say I am not the crowd they are trying to get with this dvd. My mother would give this a high review, so would my aunts.