Darkthrone | The Underground Resistance (2013) Review

Darkthrone The Underground Resistance (2013)

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Even during Darkthrone’s heyday with classic Norwegian black metal classics like 1992’s “A Blaze in the Northern Sky,” they always showed glimpses into an alternative side that led you to believe that they were interested in more than just classic black metal. With their most recent albums, including their latest effort, “The Underground Resistance,” they have succumbed to these influences completely and have shed their black metal roots.

Of course, with their previous four studio albums, Darkthrone has managed to divide their followers in two. There is the group that will only listen to their classic work while there is the group that wants nothing to do with black metal. With that being said, if you are part of the former group, you will hate “The Underground Resistance.”

Darkthrone members Fenriz and Nocturno Culto seem to almost be having fun with the release of their 16 studio album, “The Underground Resistance.” Tracks like Leave No Cross Unturned are deadly serious, but take on more vocal disparities than anything Darkthrone previously has done. And if you have listened to the previous version of this epic, take note that the album has the full, almost 14 minute, version of this track.

Other highlights on the album are the opener, Dead Early, Valkyrie and Come Warfare, The Entire Doom. Each track has something to offer and will leave its mark on you.

The Underground Resistance Track Listing:
01. Dead Early
02. Valkyrie
03. Lesser Men
04. The Ones You Left Behind
05. Come Warfare, The Entire Doom
06. Leave No Cross Unturned