Book Review-The Horror Movie Society-Mike Patton


Review-For someone who does not read, I sure am reading a lot of books lately. Also, for someone who does not read why did I buy myself a Nook Tablet? Mike Patton is part of this podcast called Body Count. Even, though he is from New Orleans, I try not to hold that against him too much when talking to him. I have noticed in the last few years a lot of my blogging and podcasting brothers and sisters have been going into different realms, some with success and some well you cannot tell them they suck or are not doing well, because they only give reviews they do not like to be reviewed back, will blast you to their following and spread lies, or your jealous so you smile and say, keep up the good work. Mike is the third category the one that is too talented to be anything less than a success. From his music that at one time he busted out some song about Tasty Kakes to now his writing. The man truly has some major talent and I am so proud to say he is my friend.

For a short story, Mike has a lot of depth into the characters and the story, where most writers are more inclined to touch the surface and try to fill pages and giving you a glimpse, Mike makes you feel like you are in the story. Here is a small excerpt “After hearing the conversation the guys had been having inside, Roland thought he might like to try using a chainsaw one day. He hadn’t thought about it before, but it certainly made an impression on today’s youth. He didn’t have one tonight, though, and it would’ve been too loud to use anyway. Will was going to die much more quietly.” This book seems to be homage to films like Halloween, and for 57 pages he keeps you in suspense and it feels like he is twisting a knife into your mind and twisting it sentence to sentence. I would share more about this book but it is a short story and I would like you guys and gals to go into this like I did, and just escape into a world where you are open to what is coming next and it is all new to you. If I hate to read and I can read this, I think someone who loves reading horror novels and short stories will dig this.

Any book you can get me interested in reading is a recommend. Plus listening to this man on a podcast for close to 3 years, I knew the man would deliver something like this that would be entertaining and very good. Plus putting this review up is the only time I can get him to look at the site. (ha ha) Mike could be a name if you guys check this out, and believe me you will not be let down plus the price of this is a steal for all of you.

9 out of 10