Blu Ray Review-When a Stranger Calls / Happy Birthday to Me (Double Feature)


Review-I have to say I am impressed with the transfers on this blu ray. That being said, I mean the set is currently on sale at Wal Mart for 5.00, and both films are 30 years old. I know in the past companies like Mill Creek get so much shit from you guys for the transfers, but I have to say with the last few I witnessed the Hostel pack and now this, I think they are better than the dvd versions at least and ten dollars cheaper than the original price. To me, When a Stranger Calls is the stronger of the two films, just for the simple fact that Carol Kane’s innocence really makes the horror more realistic. You know the story by now but if not, a young babysitter is being harassed by an obsessed phone caller. Where nowadays we would call that telemarketing, at that time this was a scary thing. Well, in this case it is a pretty fucked up deal as a psychopath is out to kill her. Of course the film builds on the suspense and thrills, as the phone calls get more and more deranged and the cops are clueless till they found out one of the calls came from the house she is in. I will say right now, do not let the awful remake scare you away from the original. The original is good fun and will really get you guys excited.

Happy Birthday To Me is a film that felt more dated than a cool trip back in time. This seems like a film that inspired Ti West and his direction, it was ok for what it was but it left me wanting so much more from it. This is one of those films that I only seen one other time ever and that was when me and my little brother sneaked in the theater in the 80’s to see it. This film focuses on Virginia she survives an accident that should have killed her and she suffers from memory loss and has constant blackouts. She is trying to be normal but everyone around her is dying. Again this is not a bad film; it just takes a lot of patience to get thru it. I felt that the pacing of this film is so slow at times that I wanted to fall asleep. The acting was really bad, but the film had so many twists and turns that it was watchable.

7.5 out of 10