Altaar | Altaar (2013) Review

Altaar Altaar (2013)The self-titled album from Altaar contains two songs and total of 35 minutes, but we never judge a book by its cover. “Altaar” is much more than two songs. It has layers upon layers of depth and is about one of the most evil pieces of work that I have listened to in years.

Altaar” starts off with a slow, melodic pace that feels like sorrow explained in music. It has a repetitive flow building up momentum slow. It actually takes seven minutes before the deep, dark riffs enter this mixture of sorrow. We then quickly descend back into a land of sound effect and layered riffs bringing back the ambience of the opening of the track. After a few minutes, we are right back into the pits of hell with some diabolical chords blasting throughout another spike in pressure.

Just the opening track itself, Tidi Kjem Aldri Att, is worthy enough of this release, but we are treated to two epic pieces of music.

Altaar started out as a one-man project in 2007, with mainman Andreas Tylden (Guitar/Vocals – One Head One Tail). VÃ¥r Frelsers came into the mix.The first “Doedsoenske” cassette was recorded and released in 2009, and the project continued to evolve. Now, we have musicians Sten Ole Toft (Electronics/Guitar/Piano – Faux Pas, Ryfylke), Espen HangÃ¥rd (Guitar/Synth/Vocals – KILLL, ex-Diskord, NoPlaceToHide), Kennth Lamond (Drums – Jr Ewing) and Didrik Telle (Bass – Obliteration) contributing.

Overall, this album is something that you will lose yourself in. You will find yourself immersed within minutes into the epic journey that Altaar takes you on.

Altaar Track Listing:
1. Tidi Kjem Aldri Att (19:58)
2. Dei Absolutte Krav Og Den Absolutte NÃ¥de (14:13)

Altaar Line-up:
Andreas Tylden – guitar, vocals
Sten Ove Toft – electronics, guitar, piano
Espen T. Hangård – guitar, synth, vocals
Didrik Telle – bass
Kenneth Lamond – drums