Wrestling Review-Wrestling’s Most….Botched!!!!!


In Pro Wrestling besides terminated, there is a term wrestlers hate and that is botched. Botched means something that happened that was not scripted, when on live television a mistake of some sort happened. In the history of wrestling, botched moments have happened more times than one might think, whether it be a wrestler who messes up his lines, or a move goes wrong, or just something out of the ordinary happens. Give ECW credit that is another thing they gave birth to the fans that were so smart to the business in South Philly that they would chant “You Fucked Up” when they knew it was happening. Sean Oliver and the KayFabe crew this month give us another installment in Wrestling’s Most….and this time it focuses on Botched.

I will go on record, this is a must have and must watch for all you wrestling fans. I think this is the best thing they have put out to date. It runs a little under an hour and covers what you the fans thought the Top 5 Botched moments were in the history of wrestling. Whether I agree or disagree with the list, I loved the five choices and to get insight about them. The people speaking out on these moments is such a wide range of personalities this time out including “Sunny” Tammy Sytch, Blue Meanie, X-Pac, Stevie Richards, Vince Russo, Kevin Nash, DDP, New Jack, Sandman, and etc.

I have to admit something, I was never a big Stevie Richards fan in wrestling but to hear him on this dvd speak out about the business, was something that made this dvd a must own. His words sound part bitter and so bone cutting honest. Blue Meanie is just Brian being the idiot he always has been. I did not like the Blue Meanie, but he has so many few times he gets to talk so that was no negative. For Russo to own up to some of the botched moments was refreshing, and should silent critics who claims he always passed the buck on blame. Nash and Sunny, do not really add anything but yet they take nothing away from it, they were cool to hear but they really did not add much to it. New Jack is gold, the man has that charisma that you never know what New Jack you are going to get in anything he does which always makes for entertainment.

Sandman though, is starting to come across like the next Iron Sheik I could not make heads or tails out of what he was offering up or saying, but I am sure he could not either. Bill Apter who I have so much respect for gives his insight on this and breaks character for the first time on camera and curses. I look at Bill Apter today with so much respect, just for what he brings to wrestling. I was a fan of the Apter magazines growing up, and I been trying to land Apter on the site for so long. Sean Oliver hosts it and does a funny job at trying to keep the tone and feel humorous and unsuspecting and does a great job. There was another guest on here which I will not talk about, it will ruin another main reason to buy this dvd because that is the first time I heard this person speak out about this botched moment, and it made it well worth the watch because you feel so bad for the person and their big moment that was a big botched moment.

I will say right now, Stevie Richards on YouShoot is going to be the most anticipated shoot of 2013. Stevie came across on this as a man who should have had a chance just to be himself and he would have got so over. I will spoil a comment he says on this, “ hard work and true talent are not what today’s wrestling is about, if that is the case why am I barely getting a working wage from TNA and this guy makes a million dollars a year and does little to nothing in his few appearances on the show”. I will let you guess who he could be talking about, I will not ruin this must listen moment to you guys. I will say I have seen firsthand all five of these botched moments, and two were scary as all hell to watch and the other three were hilarious to remember. Though I will go on record, the night at CZW Cage of Death 6 when Jack Evans fell off the top of the cage and overshot the table and hit the cement is one of the scariest botched of modern age, along with the night New Jack and Vic Grimes fell off the railing and Vic landed on top of Jack as they fell 16 feet and hit cement was another scary botched moment. Who can forget when Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon were trying to go thru the glass and Shane’s head hit that concrete so hard, not once but twice. I wish those would have made the list, because they are to me moments that you cannot look away from, but watching them happen are scary and just sick as all hell.

I really had fun with this hour and all wrestling fans would enjoy the hell out of this, and I am a huge fan of all the things Kayfabe put out as they are the true leaders of the shoot interview. Hell, they got Stevie Richards over and gave him something finally to work with that makes his personality come out and shine. For that alone, this dvd is a must watch.

9 out of 10