Wrestling Review-Breaking Kayfabe with Tammy Sytch (aka Sunny)


In the world of Pro Wrestling in the last few months has there been a star who has garnered more headlines than Tammy Sytch? Just think it seemed like yesterday that Sunny was on top of the world, and looked to have it all going for her and now today it seems that the only time we hear about her is when she is being arrested or getting a restraining order put on her for her behavior with her fiancé Damien. Sean Oliver and the crew at Kayfabe Commentaries give us another installment of their popular Breaking Kayfabe series with this story of Tammy in her words. Credit right off the bat to both Sean and Tammy, he did not hold back on the hard questions and Tammy did not hold back from the answers. When you watch this 90 minute plus story of Tammy’s recent downfall, it is heartbreaking and at times when she cries you just see how bad life has gotten for her to control the demons that seem to plague her. The shock to this interview is a comment she makes that she has never been honest on any shoot interview before this, which will upset fans who paid to see her other interviews to know that she is now claiming all those interviews are not shoot, but lies.

The theme that sort of holds this whole interview together is that Tammy does not know what is truly to blame for her behavior, at one point it is her present days, and others it is how she was treated in relationships in the past and at others she draws a blank. Which Sean brings up a valid point to ask her if she is suffering from mental illness? Tammy does not paint the picture of a woman addicted to alcohol as promising or a party, she makes it as blunt, cold and real as it is. To Sean’s credit like maybe Barbara Walters to the wrestlers, Sean when he sees she is upset sort of keeps going to try and get her to open up even more. Tammy shares stories about drunken hazes, her rehab times and also her stories of how WWE did her in terms of treatment and help. Some of the pictures she paints are ugly and will more than likely upset some, because you just see her as someone who got so many chances and has not learned from any of them.

What I think would have made this better is to get her fiancée’s side of the story, I mean it seems at times that Tammy was holding back on what she was trying to make public, like she is protecting someone or someone’s actions. Though, when she does talk about rehab and how she felt, and how she had to get hair all cut she was torn up from the inside and you can see she was embarrassed and so sad at low she has sunk. As far as a shoot interview goes, if you are a Sunny fan you already have this ready to watch or making some deep thought if you want yet another shoot interview with Tammy, and what I would say to you is you may want to invest in this one, just for the reason Tammy claims this is it, no more wrestling, no more shoots. I think this is all Tammy’s way of being a drama queen and getting people to talk about her again, that she will never leave wrestling. I am personally pissed off to know that all her other shoot interviews as she claimed are all lies. Does that mean the YouShoot that Sean put out a few weeks ago is just a tape of lies? If that is the case, why would Sean want to waste his time with her again knowing that now people know she is fake and will lie to them repeatedly without a care in the world.

The Tammy story the way it constantly looks is not going to end pretty, because I mean as most of us know after this video was shot, and the new sober Tammy as she claims to be got arrested yet again and is doing time. Tammy is starting to look like the Scott Hall story for females, she seems to be a lost woman in a world that she once dominated and this world now is dominating her. I just hope Tammy can get her shit straight and finally last a week without going to jail or being in a domestic issue.

7.5 out of 10