Wicked Channel Interview-Marija Kovacevic ( Face Off)


Kiddies it is that time again, to harass another female singer in a new band. Thanks to the label who were so down for this and the band Face Off. Marija was warned what Wicked Channel was about, and this young soul was still game. Not only that but she has an awesome sense of humor and is so down to earth, thank god one of us has these qualities right. All jokes aside this is our interview with the lead singer of Face Off.

1. For people who never heard of Face Off how would you describe your band’s sound?

The sound of Face Off’s album has a personality. Our music is not meant for every ear. It is for the people who like to experiment with genres. And for those who love female voices.

2. You know fans are going to look at this band, and say look they have a female vocalist as well. What do you think separates you from the other bands that also use female singers?

In Face Off’s music you’ll find a wave of artistic, extraordinary sound, caring you through the various musical streams. Yes, we do have a female singer, but we are not selling a product using a female voice. We are using a female voice to get to music.

3. Before joining Face Off, what were you doing?

Well, I had to deal with few things: eating, sleeping and doing laundry… And now my life has changed. I’m eating, sleeping, doing laundry and – singing. (laugh)

4. What was the first cd or song you ever heard that made you want to pursuit music?

It was a song from Deep Purple: “When a Blind Man Cries”.. That’s when I started singing.

5. I have to ask, have you heard anything from Nightwish about singing in the band? It seems that they always are looking for a new singer, what about The Gathering?

Nightwish is a great band. And every singer they’ve had was a good choice, I believe. Yes, they’ve been changing singers, but that way they also change themselves and experiment with their music. I like that freedom of choice. The Gathering is an amazing team. For me personally, the highlight of their carrier was the album Souvenirs. Pure perfection.


6. Do you think you intimidate people from talking to you because you are the lead singer of a band?

Oh, I do not. I’m smaller than everyone; no one is intimidated by me. But maybe if I started to drawl… Oh, I mean growl… (smiling)

7. How would you describe yourself on a blind date form?

‘’Watch out! There’s a singer involved!’’

8. You’re in a metal band, so I have to ask what is the most metal thing you have ever done?

Formed Face Off. I believe that nothing is more metal than forming a band.

9. So here we are Marija, your band’s cd is out and you decide to do a cd signing. ( I should warn you this never goes well) The first guy comes up to you and wants to take a picture with you, well during the picture he decides to do something stupid and put his hands somewhere else. How do you handle this situation?

I would probably do something equally funny for the picture, but, while posing, I would silently whisper into his ear that if he doesn’t remove his hands immediately, he’ll lose both of his hands in very close future.

10. Same cd signing, after that first incident this should be cake right. So, an over-excited fan comes up and wants you to sign his cd, and he pulls out an illegal burn of it. How do you handle this situation?

Call the police and put him into jail…(smile) Hey, how he is handling the law is his own business, I’m glad he listens to our music, and that he came to meet us.


11. Well, you know it cannot keep going bad, so we get the next person in line and this guy is pretty cool and he walks up to you and asks you to sign his cd but he keeps calling you another female singer from another band. How do you handle this situation?

I would hire him as my personal manager. Than I would call the guy with the burned CD and set him as my accountant. The “touchy” one is the last; he would get the job to be my personal assistant. I think they will do their jobs just fine, don’t you?

12. Do you think other bands and promoters are fair to you as opposed to how they would treat a male lead singer?

Of course, it’s much better to be a lady. If you say ‘I have a hairy stomach’ and you are female, every tabloid will put that line as a headline. If you were a male, and you say the same thing… well, no one cares. (giggle)

13.. What is the most embarrassing song or cd that you own?

I don’t own embarrassing things. If I have them, and I chose them, I love them.

14. This is cd association, we give you a band and a cd and you just say whatever you want…

a. Lacuna Coil-Karmacode – Within Me

b. Evanescence-Fallen – We are the Fallen?

c. Slayer-Reign in Blood – not my cup of tea, but…SLAAAAYEEEER!

d. Alice in Chains-Facelift – no need for a facelift, thank you

( now all you metal heads, look at answer C again and look at her picture and buy the cd. I think she just sold every single male and possibly female as well, to buy the Face Off cd)

15. So your cd is out and you know what that means, reviews and press. Do you read all the press you guys get? Also does the bad stuff get to you? This is Wicked Channel, you can trash talk all those pathetic stains who attacked you.

Not really, but there’s this one guy…


16. What is the main goal of this band? Is America a goal?

It would have been nice if we could get the whole continent for ourselves, but don’t believe that America is for sale. (laugh) Yet, having the audience in America would be equally nice.

17. Let’s get the obvious out of the way; you are a very beautiful young lady. Does it bother you that most magazines that will carry your band in it will focus more on your looks then what the band brings and does? Do you worry that this may cause friction with you guys?

No, they won’t. When they hear our first album ‘The Colour of Rain’, and when we finish the material we are currently working on for the second, they will be only like: ‘Hey, this song is amazing, what did you mean in that line …’, or: “Blah, blah, blah, but that song, blah blah…”. You see? Everything is going to be ok. (you know I’m joking, right?)

18. Do you get nervous before playing live? If so, how do you handle it? Also, have you ever been on stage and during a song just totally went blank and forgot the lyrics?

I wouldn’t say nervous, more like excited. I don’t handle it really. I let the audience to share energy with me. Then I’m alright.
You really know what question to ask, don’t you? It happened, once. The riff was at the end, it was my turn to sing, but I couldn’t remember the words! I freaked out and gave the audience a microphone, but the guy in the front line was first time in our gig, didn’t even listened to metal (I found out that after the gig, had to meet him), so he just stood there with the mic, didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Luckily, a guy standing next to him knew all our songs, so he grabbed the mike and started yelling, screaming and growling our lyrics, also jumping and … Well, it was kind of cute.

19. If you were not in Face Off and this singing thing did not happen, what was your back up plan?

I still have a backup plan. I’m a pianist and a piano teacher. Love working with children.
But if there weren’t any of the mentioned, I would be a koala bear. It must be great, being a bear, eating eucalyptus and hanging in the trees.

20. If you could tour with any musician alive or dead, who would you want to play with or open up for?

Oh, don’t ask me that. It would take me a whole day to gather the list.

21. Have you played with any bands yet who treated you badly? If so, name drops are always welcome and we need them. Also, who was good to you?

No juicy details. When Face Off collects 10k likes on our FB page, I’ll tell you everything (laugh).

22. Now this was not so bad was it? Now, promote and plug your band and the stuff coming, thank you so much….

Oh, thank you. You were very, very lovable chatting partner. I hope you were not intimidated by me.



: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Colour-Rain-Face-Off/dp/B00AXXNYZ2/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1360545103&sr=1-1