VHS Review: My Boyfriend’s Back


“I heard someone my age is supposed to be comfortable with the way their body changes, but given the circumstances, this was too much. “ Ah, I love the smell of nostalgic video tapes. If my memory serves correctly, I have reviewed this film before but never published. Today is the perfect day to go over a romantic teen comedy with a little zombie love. It’s also produced by Friday the 13th director Sean S. Cunningham. This takes me back to my childhood. When I was a little girl, my best friends and I would rent this flick every weekend and watch it during slumber parties. We all wanted to be Traci Lind.

Johnny Dingle (nice name) is in love with childhood friend Missy McCloud, only Missy is way out of his league. A young Matthew Fox (LOST) however, is not. Fox’s character’s name is Buck of all names. Buck’s wing man Chuck, I am totally not making this up, is brilliantly performed by Philip Seymour Hoffman. The film is overwhelmed with acting talents from Mary Beth Hurt to Matthew McConaughey to Renee Zellweger to Austin Pendleton to Edward Herrmann.

My Boyfriend's Back (Bob Balaban, 1993)

Back to the ingenious story line, Johnny is in love with Missy and now that her and dickhead Buck have separated,  he just might have a chance. Only, he’s tragically shot and killed. While he’s dying in Missy’s arms he asks, “Will you go to the prom with me?” Missy confusingly agrees before he passes on. Like Johnny is really going to let death stand in the way of taking Missy to prom. After crawling out of his grave, Johnny returns to school where the students and teachers are very unwelcoming. The entire backwards town has it in for Johnny and intends to put him back in the ground where he belongs.

Johnny scores a movie date with Missy and it’s going great until his ear falls off which is just disgusting. How could Missy not be disgusted by this? The mad doctor Johnny has been speaking to about his zombie-ism tells him that his body parts will start to fall off unless he eats people. Eating innocent people is not exactly what Johnny considers a good time but he doesn’t have a choice as he eats the now very dead Chuck. Can Johnny manage to eat enough bodies so he can stay on this Earth long enough to take Missy to prom? Seems reasonable.

The quirky characters make this dark comedy what it is; fun, exciting, and original. Johnny’s parents add to the comedy with the mother kidnapping children from the local store for Johnny to feast on. It’s nowhere near perfect. Viewers have a hard time taking it seriously. I don’t know why. The film obviously doesn’t take itself seriously.

My Boyfriend’s Back was also filmed in Round Rock, Texas of all places.