This month’s Top 10-Ten bands or singers I have never seen live before that I would love to see -James Picks


This month’s top ten stems from the rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion and tour next year, this month’s top ten is the Top 10 bands or singers that still are around that I have never seen live that I would love to see live. Thank you guys and gals so much for always checking us out and giving us love, it means so much we do this stuff all for you guys to forget the ills and chill out, feedback is always encouraged.

10. PJ Harvey
9. Kate Bush
8. Talking Heads
7. The Wildhearts
6. The Retinal Circus
5. Guns and Roses (the original line up)
4. Portishead
3. Arch Enemy
2. Silverfish
1. Led Zeppelin