Short Movie Review-The Post-Lifers


The Post Lifers is a documentary that is shot by Nigel Dickinson on the life of a zombie. Nigel seems to have stumbled on this village of the undead and decides to interview each of them in a series of topics from turning, eating brains, reflecting on life and what is ahead. As you can tell by the premise this film is more comedic than horror, and the results of this are a shock, this film was funny as all hell for the whole 13 minutes. The dialogue in this film is funny in such a dark and morbid way, like when one ex porn star female zombie everything she seems to talk about revolves around sex, and has no issue going into detail about anything. The only negative to this film was it was not longer; this film has zombie couples that talk about life and the impulse to try and kill each other and other zombie couples that want to adopt babies. This short also mocks almost every zombie film cliché ever. Like a scene where they have a brains race, where they use brains as a tool to help get a zombie to walk faster and pick up his pace.

To me, the Post-Lifers is that short you put on when you have a problem and you need to laugh, this little film packs so much humor and just sharp comic timing that you will sit there and really get into this story and enjoy it. Now, as you can guess the ending sort of mocks another genre of film and that is the found footage films, which I hope this leads to bigger things for the director and crew. I will say right now, if this is playing any festival or you hear a way you can see it, make it a point to check this out just for the sheer fun of what this film accomplishes. What an awesome script, with some really good acting and great comedic touches that really make this such a must watch.

8.5 out of 10