Short Film Review-Too Late to Quit


Too Late to Quit is an 18 minute short that is bat shit fucking insane. That is the only way I can describe this public service announcement of a film. This is a retro 1970’s little story about how smoking is bad for you and the crusade of anti-smoking doctor and crusader B. Savage. The film is obviously inspired somewhat by Planet Terror from Grindhouse, with the look and feel of the film. There are missing reels during an attack scene and at times the grainy and lines of wear and tear on this “grindhouse” feeling film. I will say right now, the film delivers a lot of violence, a lot of kills and it preaches this message of anti-smoking with some of the most disturbing means possible. The obvious negative to this film is that it did not keep going; this felt like an overextended movie trailer that you want to see the feature film. There is a bounty hunter that is looking for our deranged doctor and instead of trying to capture him; he sleeps with the doctor’s wife. The Doctor as the film plays on develops this persona of a Harvey Dent’s Two Faced character, as one side of his face is completely burnt and grotesque.

I really had fun with the 18 minutes and again I wish there was more to it. The film really makes the smoking habit look worse than it does. From a scene of a pregnant mom going to see our doctor and before the birth he finds out that the mom is a smoker and has cancer. To him not really upset that his wife cheated on him, but that she is smoking in their house. This film is an example of what taking a familiar style of filmmaking and putting in a topic that you do not really see addressed in horror films that is the dangers of smoking. I think people who witness this film will have a great time, so if you hear it is playing around you or at some festival coming, I would say to witness it and have fun with it.

8 out of 10