Short Film Review-The Retirement of Joe Corduroy


Do you ever think to yourself, what if this film was made in 2013 instead of the year it was? That is the question Mike P Nelson is out to solve with this little 26 minute short. What if Death Wish was released in 2013 with what is going on in today’s society? Joe is a simple man; he is a dentist by trade but finds his true love after he retires which is being a modern day Charlie Bronson. This love did not come without a price; his nephew is left in a coma after being a victim in a violent mugging. As you can guess in Joe’s world the police are not the right people to fix the problem in this city, he is. While he is out to avenge his family, he also looks out for other innocent people as well who are victims of the violence infesting the city.

This short felt like it was shot in the 70’s, and if they did not have the cell phones in this film I would have thought it did come out of the 70’s. The film is just a love letter to revenge action films of days gone by. You get tons of murder, tons of violence and even a satanic cult that as you can guess the scene turns into an orgy of bullets and blood. This felt like a pilot to a pay cable television show. The acting was not bad, the action in this film which is the selling point was plentiful and very fun and best of all there was not one wasted minute in this short. The director had a plan and a direction, and got from A to Z fast and very excitingly. My only quam about this short was that there was not more backstory, because I feel even more backstory would have made the film shine so much more. But, for 26 minutes I mean what did I expect? If he would have gave us more backstory, I would have bitched about not enough action and violence, so if you are going to sacrifice one for the other do not skimp on the action and killing, I will figure out the story and plot.

As a whole, people who enjoyed the 70’s and what they brought will enjoy this little gem. I am dying to see more from him, or a continuation with this character and how he handles retirement as it goes on. Just for the last ten minutes alone and how that all goes down, this film is recommended.

8 out of 10