Overkill Drop Off Dark Roots of Thrash Tour

OverkillUnfortunately, Overkill was forced to cancel the remaining shows on the Dark Roots of Thrash Tour in February due to vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth case of pneumonia. Overkill promise that after some time for recovery, they will be back out in the spring for their Northern European tour.

The band had to cancel two of the last three shows on the tour after the band’s lead singer was diagnosed with what is called “walking pneumonia”.

Brief statement from the band: “Due to Bobby’s ongoing bout with pneumonia, we have regretfully decided to cancel the remainder of our shows on The Dark Roots Of Thrash tour. Blitz’s condition has gotten slightly worse [after Saturday’s show in Worcester, Massachusetts] and he needs some time to get back to 100%. We would like to thank Testament for a great tour and look forward to everyone back on the road soon. After some time for recovery, we’ll be back out in the spring for our Scandinavian tour. See you then!”

Northern European Tour Dates:
April 17 – Tampere, Finland, Pakkahoune
April 18 – Helsinki, Finland, Tavastia
April 19 – Joensuu, Finland, Kerubi
April 20 – Oulu, Finland, Club Teatria
April 21 – Rytmikojaamo, Finland, Seinajoki
April 22 – Tallin, Estonia, Tapper
April 23 – Riga, Latvia, Meina Piektdina
April 24 – Vilnius, Lithuania, New York
April 25 – Warsaw, Poland, Proxima
April 26 – Hamburg, Germany, Markthalle
April 27 – Copenhagen, Denmark, Amager Bio
April 29 – Gothenburg, Sweden, Sticky FIngers
April 30 – Oslo, Norway, John Dee

May 1 – Stockholm, Sweden, Debaser Slussen
May 2 – Haugesund, Norway, Karmoygeddon Festival
May 3 – Grimstad, Norway, Bluebox