Music Reviews-Great White-Ready for Rock n Roll/Night Ranger-Big in Japan/Molly Hatchet-Paying Tribute


Before you read this review, all three of these cds that I reviewed have been out before and Massacre records are re-releasing them, as with the Night Ranger and Great White some touches have been added like a different song or for Night Ranger an interview afterwards.

A lesson we all learn in life the past is a hard thing to let go of. I will be honest and go on record and say on my iPod I have plenty of stuff from the 80’s that to me was one of the best music decades ever. I mean one of my first concerts was seeing Great White open up for Judas Priest. I was always a Jack Russell and Great White fan. To me, Once Bitten is such a timeless classic and to think that here we are 27 years later after the release, still talking about this band speaks volumes for both the singer and his now ex band. We all know the hardships Jack Russell and his band mates have been thru from health scares to the infamous club burning and now the mudslinging going back and forth between the two parties. Now here we are with a reissue of one of the last releases before the stuff happened with the band and caused them to split. As you can see on the cover they are doing cover songs, what a shock huh. This is a band that has always worn its inspirations on its sleeve and also used their heroes songs to help them ignite sales. So here we are some 20 plus years since they used Once Bitten, Twice Shy to throw them in the stratosphere. If you are a diehard fan like me, you have heard some of these songs in their heyday, like Bitches and Other Women which was a b side during the Twice Shy period, though this is a different version sort of with new guitar sound and drums.

The Cult song Love Removal Machine for this band sounds god awful, not so much the musicians they do their roles well, but Jack’s vocals do not fit the song. Their version of Sin City is another miss to me; it just feels like a bad local band doing an even worst cover song. Even the Bad Company cover of Ready for Love is so awful, god what was this band thinking doing this record. I will be honest; some of these covers were so bad I could not even make it thru the whole song. This was the worst idea this band had, even worse than their latest and greatest cd that we know they only did for commercials and ads to use that version of the song, because they did not own the originals and needed the fucking cash. I remember reading RIP magazine and seeing Jack Russell make jokes of all the groupies he gets and brag about all this money he is spending, well I guess we know who truly got fucked in the end. I doubt any of the women he fucked, would today go to the fairgrounds or VFW hall they play and sit there and tell their grand kids that they fucked him. What a waste of time, do not even bother just look at the cover and assume you already heard this cd.

1 out of 10


1.Neverland 2. Touch of Madness 3. My Elusive Mind 4. Sing Me Away 5. Someday I Will 6. Brad Gillis Guitar Solo 7. Rumours in the Air 8. Jeff Watson Guitar Solo 9. Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight 10. Sentimental Street 11. Goodbye 12. Forever All Over Again 13. Slap Like Being Born 14. When You Close Your Eyes 15. New York Time 16. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me 17. Sister Christian 18. (You Can Still) Rock in America

Night Ranger is another one of those bands that I was a huge fan of growing up. If you were a teen in the 80’s, you had a Night Ranger cassette that was religion you had to have one. And I am not talking about Sister Christian, while it is an awesome song but Goodbye, Secret of my Success, Sing me Away, Don’t Tell me you Love me, these are those that hit the radio and you are immediately taken back to that time when you first discovered them. This band is the opposite of Great White, while the members like Jack Blades and Brad Gillis has always had other projects as well, they always seem to be faithful to the Night Ranger. And Night Ranger 2013, while some pieces may have changed they still have the core and that being those two and Kelly Keagy. This live record, I will be honest I really got into the last Night Ranger cd it did not sound like some dated stuff, umm…well not all of it, this live record is not hard to love, it is hard to believe that it was really all live. The sound is so slick and polished that you know they had to add touches to it in the studio; well they had to add a lot to it. I am not even sure if the crowd noise is legitimate. Again, that being said I really dug the so called live record, I mean I hate live cds that I did not get to see live or on dvd because they lack something of the experience but this band sounds really good and focused. Now this cd has a ton of negatives, like that 14 minute interview with Brad and Kelly at the end that was so hokey and cheesy bad. But, the solos that the band play on this are awesome, and I really dug the sound this band showcased on this cd, I mean they been around one way or another since 1981. This does not have the flashback feel you would expect it to have, but it was not anywhere as bad as what Great White is doing today. If you are a fan of the old school Night Ranger you may dig this.

7 out of 10


1. Sharp Dressed Man 2. The Boys Are Back In Town 3. Desperado 4. Bad To the Bone 5. Dreams I’ll Never See 6. Melissa 7. Mississippi Queen 8. Tequila Sunrise 9. Tumbling Dice 10. Wild Horses 11. Whiskey Man 12. Beatin’ the Odds 13. Flirtin’ With Disaster

I am shocked to know that Molly Hatchet is still alive; this is what I get for not being a fan of Wikipedia. I had this album when I was a kid, Danny Joe Brown’s singing to me when I was a kid was such a bad ass rebel, and Flirting with Disaster on my 11th birthday was an album that I warped that I played so many times. The triple guitar assaults that mixture of rock and southern twang, to me this band is so underrated. When Danny died, I just thought this band would never be the same and I was right. This record, I will be fair it tries and they at least stay in their sound with that southern rock twang, and some of the stuff on this record was not that bad, but this record is so hard for me to listen to, because I know this band should not fucking exist it only has one core member, and today it is just a glorified Molly Hatchet cover band that has the right to use the name but the low class not to be honest to the fans. I mean people are going to tell me well at least it still has Dave Hlubek playing from the old days, but one member even Axl Rose does not make it the original band. It makes it a bunch of people who have no faith in their own talent and want to use another name and keep that legacy together. I will admit bands like Foreigner have really taken that statement and did the impossible and really made a great comeback with this new touring band it has, they are almost as good as the original and sound more modern for today’s fans. But, how many of you would go to your local fair and go see this version of Molly Hatchet, with one guy who looks like your grandfather and a bunch of kids playing beside him? What is the purpose of this band to carry Dave’s Colostomy bag? Can you picture the crusty chicks who throw their panties at this band; they probably have dust and flies coming out of their holes as well and tight spandex yellow pants that you can see skid marks as well as their c section scars and talking about Who let the dogs out and Whoop There it is. All jokes aside, this band tries and I liked some of the stuff, but the majority of this cd is bad. Just bad, let the legacy and this band finally rest.

4 out of 10