Music Reviews-Bust a Move-There’s No Place Like Home and Dirt-Rock and Roll Accident


Bust a Move-No Place like Home
Track Listing—
Inner Demon
Swallow The Pill Of Disrespect
There’s No Place Like Home
Dormientes Diabolus
The Lion’s Prey
Misanthropic Hell
Catharsis Of The Damned
The Apocalypse


Marc A. – Vocals
Phil N. – Guitar
Dimi T. – Guitar
Lasse W. – Bass
Dominik S. – Drums

Review-While the band may be new to the scene, what the band displays on this record is not. Bust a Move seems to have this deathcore sound that may make fans think this band is out to fill the void left when Mitch died from Suicide Silence. This band has the most massive breakdowns in their songs, and some of the most insane drumming. The style of the singing is basically brutal shouts, deep throated screams and just growls that try to come across as both passionate and fury filled. The main issue with this cd is that the attack seems to be one dimensional, and they really do not try to incorporate more into their sound to keep the feeling fresh, that by the mid-point of this cd, the vocals and style of music just starts to feel the same. Dormientes Diabolus is a standout track, it is an instrumental but it shows that the band does have some talented guitarists. This cd is not very inspired or even imaginative, and in the end just sounds like a band that is trying too hard to fit in, and not stand out. This cd just needed some originality and more variety, but I think music purists will love the breakdowns in the songs and may find elements of this band that really shine somewhat but will become unsatisfied with the end result after listening to the whole record.

5 out of 10


Dirt- Rock and Roll Accident

1. Seven Days
2. Dirty
3. Rock N Roll Accident
4. Fast Lane
5. Face Down
6. Never Change My Ways
7. Crush
8. Breathe In
9. One Step Away
10. Nice To See You Again

Sven Zaklikowski on vocals
Thiemo Hille and Florian Stollberg on guitars
Marius Rebmann on bass
Marcel Unger on drums

Review-The band on their Facebook page describes their sound as “Kiss Ass Southern Groove Metal”, and after I listened to this cd, I have to say I agree wholeheartedly. This band sounds like old school 70’s hard rock mixed with 80’s metal, which for this cd is not a bad thing at all. This cd has songs on here that seem inspired by Tesla during Mechanical Resonance, and then other parts seem inspired by Stone Sour’s debut. This is a play it out loud hard rock fun record, this cd only serves a few purposes, one being to turn it as loud as it can get and air guitar to it, and the other is forget all your problems and have fun in this world. That is one thing this band has down pat is song structure, they have a singer who has a vocal delivery that harkens back to Joe Lynn Turner during his Rainbow days, Jeff Keith and Corey Taylor. This is a cd that metal fans and most importantly hard rock fans will get behind, this band seems to dip into old school and try to incorporate a fresh new school approach to it, and it works. I really dig the sound of this band, the songs are all catchy and very infectious and will get people headbanging and really wanting to go back and listen to it over and over. The songs are all built on a very catchy and strong groove that is essentially hard bluesy rock mixing in metal, and amazingly good melodies, there is no way you cannot tell me Never Change My Ways does not sound like the bastard cousin to Great White’s Rock Me. This was a very impressive second outing from Dirt, and I am excited to see what the future holds for them.

8.5 out of 10