Music Review-Year of the Goat-Angels’ Necropolis


Review-I am a music fan, when I hear something hyped up I have to see it or listen to it for myself, and see if the hype is warranted. I usually go into it with an open mind and very excited knowing that others are praising it, that maybe I should like it. I felt that Lucem Ferre the ep by Year of the Goat was very promising and had me expecting the world from them upcoming. I think the pressure and expectations from the band itself are to blame for this cd coming out like it did, now that statement is not saying this is a bad record, it is just a cd that will take repeated listens to really get into. Now, that being said I love the vocals somewhat but this is just more of that stuck in the 60’s metal that seems to be coming out by the droves, there is nothing on this cd to really make this band or their sound stick out, but again for them it works somewhat. If you are into bands like Ghost, Cathedral, Trouble and all bands in that ilk you may get into this retro doom metal outfit. There are a few songs on here that are catchy and may get some people to listen once, but as a whole this is just a band who does not try to stick out but fit in. And at times on this cd fitting in is ok, but I would really have hoped that this band would have really tried to capture the magic from their ep. on this cd.

This cd to me is a step in the right direction for a band that is clearly going to be around for a while. They seem to do little experiments here and there on this record; I just wish they would have done more. At times this cd feels like the band is just trying too hard, and there are times it feels that they are not trying enough. I think with some tours under their belt and experience in a studio the band and their sound may not be so inconsistent. While since Trouble has seem to have left the music scene and Cathedral has taken another leave, there is a big gap in bands that really need to capture that groove and get the fans attention, I think this band has great intentions just lacking maturity as a band. All in all, this may be worth a listen, depending on how big a doom metal retro guy or gal you are.

7 out of 10