Music Review- Vanderbuyst-The Flying Dutchmen


01. Frivolous Franny
02. Waiting in the Wings
03. Give Me One More Shot
04. The Butcher’s Knife
05. Tears Won’t Rinse
06. Never Be Clever
07. In Dutch
08. Johnny Got Lucky
09. Lecherous
10. Flying Dutchmen
11. Welcome to the Night

Review-I will be honest looking at this cd cover and listening to it, were two different experiences. Looking at this odd cover, I never would have thought that this cd would be anything less than a joke. Boy was I wrong crank this up to ten and get you some beers this is some fun hard rock. This band has been around since 08 and have released a few records, but this is my first listen to the band, and I will be honest this record is exactly what the music scene needs right now. The track Give Me One More Shot holy fuck that guitar riff sounds like Brian May met George Lynch. I loved the epic feel of the chorus to just break into that guitar riff, it really captures a magic that I have not heard in music in a very long time, where you just stop in your tracks and say, “fuck that is massive”.

This band sounds like it would have been the perfect cd to release the time when Appetite for Destruction came out. This is hard rock with an edge and some very quality playing that what the singing does not do for you, the other members will. This is Jon Butcher for today’s metal fans mixed in with almost any 80’s hard rock band. This whole cd is just infectious and will get people to really have fun and just rock with it. Now, if they ever get a tour with Steel Panther, that would be a must see show. The negative to this cd is that this is one of those bands that you are not sure to take serious, because the lyrics at time do sound really cheesy, and like they are trying more to make you laugh then be taken serious. But, this band has a sound that really carries the record, and I am really interested to see how this cd is received by American music fans. If this was 1987, I am sure this cd would have been ranked higher for me, but it was not a bad listen and I will end up playing this more and more in the upcoming days.

8 out of 10