Music Review-Solisia-UniverSeasons


Elie Syrelia – Vocals
Gianluca Quinto – Guitar
Andrea Arcangeli – Bass
Wilson Di Geso – Keyboards
Marcantonio Quinto – Drum

1. UniverSeason
2. The Guns Fall Silent
3. Kiss The Sky
4. Mind Killer
5. All I Want
6. Betrayed By Faith
7. Dirty Feeling
8. From Dusk Till Dawn
9. Symbiosis
10. The Queen’s Crown
11. I Loose Myself

Solisia is an Italian female fronted progressive band that has been around the scene since 2006. Now, they have returned with a second record and a new vocalist. First off before I start to list my negatives, I will say this is not an entirely bad record, and most of the cd is very solid and heavy hitting. The backing band is very solid and will get fans excited about the songs; the negative is Elie’s vocals on some of the songs. She is not a bad singer, but her style I am not sure if maybe they should have got her some experience with the sound more before recording this record. At times on this record she sounds like she is out of place, or maybe not comfortable with her style and trying to be another singer from another band. The woman has a voice that delivers, she sounds like a mixture of alternative rock and progressive female mixed in with top 40 radio touches. I think this band should have taken her out on the road and got her more comfortable with the music more. But, after a few songs she starts to get a little more comfortable and really delivers, like on Mind Killer that could really make a lot of nonfans pay attention.

One thing is for sure with each song, it sounds like a new band is playing. This band really knows how to change up its sound track to track and keep its sound fresh. One thing is for sure after song 3; the singing starts to come together and really works better as the cd keeps going on. So the negative was the vocals from the first three tracks, which I guess with repeated listening’s I may warm up to more. All in all, there are so many female fronted bands these days, I think this band is something that may take a few listens to fully get into, but once you get into them you may really enjoy the ride. I am so stoked about what is going to follow this up, this is a band that is growing and their sound is really solid, and their singer is going to get better as the cds keep coming out.

7.5 out of 10