Music Review-Serenity-War of Ages


1.Wings Of Madness
2.The Art Of War
3.Shining Oasis
4.For Freedom’s Sake
5.Age Of Glory
6.The Matricide
7.Symphony For The Quiet
9.Legacy Of Tudors
10.Royal Pain

Review-I will admit at the start of this, I was never a truly huge fan of Serenity. I may have liked some of the stuff on Death & Legacy and some of the stuff on previous cd, but when I heard they had a new lead singer, I will admit I was anxious to hear if maybe finally making Clémentine Delauney a permanent member of the band to be a bigger piece would be the answer, the truth is that Delauney really does not have that big an impact on this cd that I was hoping she would. Now, that is not saying this cd is bad, it has some really good songs on here and maybe some of the best of their career, but Georg Neuhauser should really step back and either split the vocals 50/50 or just do it alone. I am not a fan of a female with a unique voice and talent, to play as a background distraction to help build up interest to the song. I mean when Georg is on fire he fires on all cylinders like Symphony For The Quiet and Age of Glory, those songs are really some of the strongest I have heard from this band in ages. This has always been a band that walks the fence of progressive and tries to add symphonic and power metal to it from the structures of the songs to the concept all over this cd, this is a band who seems to have thought about what every instrument and lyric would mean to the music on this cd as a whole.

My issue is having a new female lead singer and she feels like she is still one of the collections of female guest vocalists you have had in the past; she makes no impact on this cd. But, like past releases the most appealing thing about this band is their symphonic touches on the songs, the songs on this record have that epic arena feel of a symphony playing with this band just adding overpowering instruments and a singing approach that sounds operatic and also in a middle earth sense poetic. Wings of Madness is one of those opening tracks that really capture what I was expecting with this whole cd, because they have a new female in the band who can really deliver, and compliment Georg’s style, I just wish they had more faith in her and what she brings and maybe less faith in Georg being a one man singing act. Overall this was not a bad record, I will think of this cd as a work in progress at getting a true feel of what each member of the band truly brings and what should change in the future. If you are a fan of the last releases by them, this is more of the same you are accustomed to. Though since Fallen Sanctuary the band seems to keep moving backwards in terms of progression and what it is trying to convey to audiences, hopefully new blood in the band as a member can help change that in the future.

7.5 out of 10