Music Review-Orange Goblin-A Eulogy For the Fans – Orange Goblin Live 2012


This title will be released on March 12, 2013.

1. Red Tide Rising
2. The Filthy & the Few
3. Ballad of Solomon Eagle
4. Time Travelling Blues
5. Some You Win, Some You Lose
6. The Fog
7. Round Up the Horses
8. Acid Trial
9. They Come Back
10. Blue Snow
11. Quincy the Pigboy
12. Scorpionica

Review-Orange Goblin is one of those bands that I have been a huge fan of for so long, and never got to see them live. I discovered them on the free cd on a 1998 Kerrang magazine that had Rob Zombie on the cover, they had this song called Blue Snow that made me a fan the second I heard it. This is a band that is very groove heavy, very Sabbath influenced and all out amazing. If any band can pull off a live cd that will get me excited it is this band, because they have yet to release a cd that I was not a huge fan of. Now being a fan of Orange Goblin you sort of learn patience, because they are not exactly the quickest band to put out cds, but the last cd usually keeps you happy till you get some new stuff. If you love the cds, this live cd is a must have, you know what you are going to get out of this cd, there are no surprises or changes, this is just the same straightforward sound that this band has made its reputation on.

I really do not expect new fans to hear this and just jump on the bandwagon, but I expect the bandwagon to hear this and just turn it up to ten, pull out some warm beer and get some weed and rock out. This cd is a ticket to a show that sounds like it is just a good fucking rocking time, that the fans are just begging for more and more and the band delivering each time and even at times sounding better than the cd recorded versions. Now, that being said my song Blue Snow is the tenth track, and to hear it live shows me why I am such a music freak. Fuck, Ozzy touring and recording with what he is calling Black Sabbath is pathetic and it really irks me that people who claim to be metal fans and want metal to live do not support good metal bands and just think this fast cash crap should be supported, soulless music and people behind it. That Linkin Park sell 3 million cds, and bands like Orange Goblin, Cathedral, Hatriot, Enabler, Call of the Void and etc.have not made a dent, but thank god Halestorm won the grammy for best metal whatever and Dave Mustaine is going to put out yet another lackluster yawn Megadeth cd, that will all change soon huh. It is your money do what you want with it, but fuck you have the power to make bands really put out better cds and support the ones who look out for you like the Goblin.

8 out of 10