Music Review-Mystery Blue-Conquer The World


1. Conquer The World
2. Innocent Crime
3. Running With The Pack
4. Evil Spell
5. Cruel Obession
6. Ticket To Hell
7. Keep On Dreaming
8. Road Of Despair
9. Behind Those Walls
10. Guardian Angel
11. Accroche-Toi À Tes Reves

Nathalie Geyer – Lead Vocals
Frenzy Philippon – Guitars
Matt Gabnai – Bass
Vince Koehler – Drums


Review-Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way in the beginning, Mystery Blue is a band with a female lead vocalist but that is as far as the stereotype will go, this band has some major fucking talent and a very impressive sound. This band plays hard rock with power metal influenced vocals and just a flat out heavy metal delivery and is not apologetic about it, they are so furious and in your face as almost a power metal answer to Arch Enemy. The huge positive to this band is that all members shine on each song, there is not one element that outdoes the other, from the very capable vocal delivery to the guitar that is just riff after riff of just pure crunch and groove metal inspired playing, this is a band that put so much thought and hard work into this sound and comes across as a tight band that rely on each other to help carry the sound and not have one member carrying the load and the others in the background just playing filler to be a part of it.

Geyer’s vocal delivery could remind some of early Geoff Tate at times around The Warning, the Queensryche comparison comes across heavy in this cd, esp. Evil Spell that sounds like something that could have come from Rage for Order. I love singers that test themselves and really give you a performance that demands you to pay attention and respect them, and this is Geyer to a tee, she has a vocal presence that could draw more comparisons to male singers than any female singer that has come out in the last few years.
This is a band that has a sound of Judas Priest and a singer who sounds like the female Geoff Tate during his early years, so if that does not sell this cd, I am not so sure what will. I think this was not a surprise, but it was a fucking shock as how talented this band came across, and how catchy this cd and the vocals were. This is 2013’s answer to Huntress, this band is so fucking good that it would be a true crime if this cd did not catch on with metal fans. I am supposed to tell you something negative, but my sole negative to this cd is if you guys did not buy it. This cd is going to be getting a ton of play, what an impressive record.

9 out of 10