Music Review-Heretic’s Dream – The Unexpected Move


1 Forgiveness
2 She Said
3 A Kiss From The Sun
4 Golden Cage
5 Shades Of Grey
6 Through The Unlocked Door
7 Honey I’m Home
8 I Need Your Love
9 A Question Of Coincidence
10 Hollow


Francesca Di Ventura-Lead Vocals
Andrej Surace-Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Carlo Nicolucci-Rhytm Guitar
Emiliano Baccini-Bass
Maurilio Di Stefano-Drums

Review-The debut record by Italian band Heretic’s Dream, on the surface looks like the many female led band clones that seem to pop up these days but one listen to this record and you will hear what will separate them from the rest of the pack. Francesca has a vocal style that is very unique and mixes a very unique gothic delivery with a depth that sounds like it could be a mixture of alternative rock and pop. And for a band so young and inexperienced, they seem to found a style of music that compliments her delivery and the instruments are almost like a compliment to her vocal delivery. It is like the guys know that they have a singer that can really deliver and they seem to know how to work in a way that highlights her more than trying to drown her out. I think people will think this is a cross of Lacuna Coil and Nightwish, but to me this sound was more of a mixture of Sapphic Ode meets the musical style of Evanescence, while some songs are heavy, the majority of this cd falls under maybe an alternative metal feel. The vocals on this cd work the most when she is soothing, because she has a great voice for melodies and really know how to make the most of lyrics, her words when she sings make you want to pay attention. Now, the thing that really has me scratching my head this band on their press release uses the word progressive a lot. But, besides a few brief touches here and there, there really is not much progressive to this sound.

Though a few times on this cd like I Need Your Love and Through the Unlocked Door the guitars take center stage and really come alive and the riffs and catchiness makes me hopeful that this band is using this cd as a litmus test to see what is the positives and negatives to their sound, and then album two they will know what people expect and want from them. This is a band that has a lot of tools in their sound and attack that will garner fans to listen, but this is a band that with some tours and experience with each other is really going to make a statement. I think the vocal delivery really sets this band apart from most of the other bands in this genre with the same band structure. I think this is a good debut, and it opens the door for the band to really wow us in the upcoming years.

8 out of 10