Music Review-Face Off-The Colour of Rain


Marija Kovacevic – Vocals
Stefan Vitasovic – Guitars
Stanislav Stanojevic – Bass

The Colour Of Rain
Dream Chamber
Close Enough
War Against War
The Innocence
Lost In Translation
The End

Review-Last year I got the first press release for this band being signed to Maple Metal Records and I remember looking at the pictures and reading the release and thinking that this is going to be another female led band that depends more on its beauty and sound like every other female led band. Boy was I wrong, Face Off are a cut above the usual, they mix this soothing gothic vocal metal delivery with some impressive guitar riffs that are going to get your attention. This is a mix of heavy alternative and melodic metal that really delivers on each song. Dream Chamber alone has this guitar delivery that resembles Facelift Alice in Chains meets a crunch from modern metal. The positives to this band is the singer and her vocal delivery at times, she has this voice that is almost a soothing, melodic angel voice that really makes that guitar sound so much more punishing and crunchy. This is a band that read the rule book on how to keep a song catchy no matter what direction it takes, this is almost like the cd we expected from Made out of Babies after The Ruiner.

The only negative I can really think of is that the vocals while impressive are so one dimensional and I wish she would have experimented more with her range and what maybe go outside of this angelic melodic delivery. While songs like Voices really showcases what this band can do, I just wish Marija would have went outside of the box a little more on the songs, because when the band injects the male growls to work with in the songs they really help the band be more open to most metal fans who are sick of all these female singers that come and go. This cd is decent and a cut above the rest of the other metal bands that have female singers, but I just wished they would have been more experimental and more willing to showcase the vocals in more than this soothing melodic goth delivery. The guitars on this cd really stand out because this band has a great backing back behind this voice that really are solid and know how to keep the listener involved in the song. All in all, Face Off is worth the listen and I think you may dig them, esp. if you are into female singers.

7.7 out of 10