Music Review-Envinya-Inner Silence review


01. Faceless
02. Forlorn
03. Inner Silence
04. In my Hands
05. Swallow
06. Satin and Silk
07. Mirror Soul
08. Too Late
09. Beyond the Dark
10. Demorilized

Natalie Pereira dos Santos – Vocals.
Thomas Knauer – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals.
Moni Strobl – Keyboards.
Lorenz Henger – Bass Guitar.
Enrico Jung – Drums.
Markus Herz – Lead Guitar.

Review- Envinya is the latest female fronted metal band, that is as far as that stereotype will go. While nowhere in any Arch Enemy, Epica, Within Temptation class this band is sure a lot more talented and bring more than most of these fly by night bands that have the centerfold lead singer and the book on how to copy every other band. The debut record Inner Silence is traditional metal with some modern touches, while this band uses every trick in the metal playbook the funny part is they pull off each one with some decent to good results. This is not a band that is trying to get their singer to growl or scream, they play a sound that compliments her vocal delivery that ranges from goth to just plain rock metal. This band also at times uses a growling male vocal to try and make the vocals shine more but it is the guitar riffs on this cd that will get people excited about what the vocals can deliver to those riffs. Natalie and Thomas when they sing off each other really adds another dimension to the music. Satin and Silk is a song that if it ever got any play or a video shown, would really get people to pay attention that is what this band does best.

I mean this band brings nothing new to the plate, but they really have so much passion and talent that I had a hard time not liking this cd and really got into this melodic and catchy little record the more I listened to it. This band has a commercial appeal to them and could open some doors for them in the modern rock radio. I think this band is really trying to figure itself out with this release to see what works for them with fans and a live setting, I think while at times this cd lacks focus, that the music and talent behind this cd really speaks loud for what this band is about.

8 out of 10