Music Review-Devourment – Conceived in Sewage


Mike Majewski – vocals
Ruben Rosas – guitars
Chris Andrews – bass
Eric Park – drums

Review-Devourment is back after a 4 year nap with another slab of heavy as fuck in your face death metal. While not much has changed since the release of Butcher the Weak, but let’s be honest does anything need to really change with them? They have been around the scene for almost 15 years and only put out a handful of releases so I am just happy to get music by them. This is far from a masterpiece but it is much recommended. This is just a very brutal and intense record, from the growls in death from the fire above screams to the riffs and the drumming, this is something that is going to inspire very loud listens and repeated listens. The positive to this cd is this is pure brutal death metal with not so many breakdowns, and there is so much fury and assault in this musical attack that no way any fan of death metal can listen to this cd and not get behind it. The negative to this cd is that if you heard one Devourment cd it is like you heard all of them. This band really needs to grow and put out albums more regular.

This is a band that gets all it can out of a riff, and I think looks for any excuse to showcase their guitar sound. I think with some of the song titles “Fucked With Rats” and “Heaving Acid”, they are trying to go into an offensive Cannibal Corpse and Anal Cunt realm, but it is tame compared to what those bands put in their lyrics. Fifty Ton War Machine is going to excite a lot of death metal fans with that guitar sound, what a fucking brutal riff machine during that song. This cd as a whole is more of the same you expect from this band, but if you are a fan you will dig it, and just be glad that we got a new cd, I mean by their track record the next cd is not coming out till 2017. The record was a great listen, and while I love Butcher a lot better, this is a band that needs to change it up and maybe get some music out sooner. At times this cd lacks direction and feels like it lacks passion, but it still hits hard and is skull crushing.

8 out of 10