Music Review-Call of the Void-Dragged Down a Dead End Path


1. Failure
2. Theory of Mind
3. Bottom Feeder
4. Endless Ritual Abuse
5. Abomination
6. Breeding Grounds
7. Napalm Lungs
8. The Liar’s Heart
9. I Hope You Two Fuck
10. Faith & Filth

Review-Holy fuck what an angry fucking record, I mean look at the song titles, you know what is coming with this record. This is going to be a heavy hardcore punk infused thrash metal band that is out to crush your eardrums and piss you off at the same time. The main difference I have noticed with Call of the Void and the other hardcore bands is that this band’s music has structure to it, and not just anger for the sake of anger. It is like everything in this band’s sound is so much more than you would think on the surface, while this band’s core sound is hardcore at times they throw in a few change ups like Endless Ritual Abuse that could almost be qualified as their catchy song, but then comes the chorus and break in the song and the hardcore beast has to come out. While most established hardcore bands are out to try and make their fans change with their direction at the moment, this is a band that seems deadset on trying to redefine the genre. Abomination has this guitar sound to it, that long after I got done listening to it I still found myself wanting to go back to that again.

Relapse Records deserves so much credit for this cd, if this is the face of what is coming from them in 2013, you guys better be ready. This is an intense and hard hitting cd, with some of the sickest guitar playing I have heard since Death’s Spiritual Healing cd. This band is all about making the riff stand out with the bombastic drum sound and the over the top vocal style. This is the part that I am supposed to tell you about what I did not like about the cd, or the negatives about it. This is a hardcore grindcore, sludgecore ( my new term), punk and angry metal record that is going to win over many people who give it a shot. With cds like this coming 2013 is going to be the year of metal, and I am so stoked. Call of the Void all I can say is believe the fucking hype, trust me this is a band that has the tools to really be a force in music.

9 out of 10