Music Review-Burnt Books-Burnt Books


Troy Thames, Matt Thompson, Chuck Sligh, Zoë Lollis, Joey Parker

Sounds like -Avantgardecore by ex. members of Guyana Punch Line, .fuckingcom, Thank God, & Tunguska

Track Listing:
1.Selfish Friend (3:01)
2.Empty Eyes (3:07)
3.Dig A Little Deeper (1:55)
4.Materialist Conspiracy Theorist (2:24)
5.Abandoned (2:49)
6.In A Shallow Grave (4:12)
7.Unforgiven (3:31)
8.Liar (3:32)
9.Golden Gates, Golden Streets (3:19)
10.Pretty Daughters (3:23)

Review-South Carolina metal punk rockers Burnt Books start this cd off with a huge bang with Selfish Friend, like they are warning you to buckle up for this ride. What an opening track, this sounds like if Black Flag met Jane’s Addiction by way of Jesus Lizard. This song is the best way for this band to introduce themselves to new audiences and get you people stoked, and they kick it off with a loud, thunderous and really heavy song that will get you off your chair to rock with them. And what a shock on track two Empty Eyes they keep the intensity going and just add some more adrenaline and power to it. Zoe Lollis sounds like she is screaming inside a plastic bag and she is having an asthma attack at the same time, then her choruses she sounds like she has been listening to Karen Black and wanted to try and one up her sound. In a world of music where most female musicians all sound alike, look alike and you know what to expect wait till you hear what Zoe gives you, this is something unique and different. And she also plays a mean banjo and does a soft ballad with it, yes this is a metal band but she does the song more for the uniqueness of the music more than a gimmick.

As the cd goes on we get a song called In a Shallow Grave which starts off with a little nod to PJ Harvey then into full out of control screaming and her asthma attack vocal range. Which is not a bad thing at all, and I think this makes this band more than a Walls of Jericho comparison and gets them in their own place. Burnt Books has a bunch of talented musicians who back up their singer and give her a sonic background of noise and fury that she really makes her own nirvana and creates a chaotic mess that is such a much listen. This cd is just loud in your face, then all over the place and in your face then just out of control chaos, which for this band and this lead singer fits them like a glove. This could be the new Jesus Lizard for 2013 if they had The Melvins join them as well.

8 out of 10