Music Review-Assembly of Light-Assembly of Light


“Assembly of Light” track listing:

1. Insides (5:10)
2. Transition (5:17)
3. Treelight (4:30)
4. Into The Woods I (4:49)
5. Into The Woods II (4:49)
6. Into The Woods III (3:17)

Review-Assembly of Light is quite possibly one of the most ambitious releases I have heard since Mike Patton introduced us to Fantomas. This cd is basically hypnotic and beautiful soundscapes mixed with a 20 or so piece female choir that you will know within seconds if you are a fan or not a fan. The soundscapes can be referred to as metal, almost a weird post apocalyptic feel with females that just sing melodies with a male vocalist every now who is either screaming or singing depending on how he feels at that moment. This cd has a sinister almost evil feel to it, as you think the choir is a sign of the soothing yet frantic road ahead. The guitar sound on this cd is more of a drone and the bass is distorted and at times very epic in its sound. It definitely gets your attention and makes the choir vocals stand out more. To me, the first half of this cd was far more superior then the second half. Into the Woods and its 3 parts, were just the choir and not much else, they are showcasing their range and their talent, while I appreciated it, I think this cd worked more with the first three songs that had instrumentation, the male at times and also gave you more than just the choir.

Assembly of Light is a 27 minute journey that may not be for everyone. The touches of hypnotic vocals and ethereal melodies mixed with the backdrop they give you is a hard sell, but if you are an adventurous metal fan and music fan in general it may be worth listening to. They take this choir concept and evolve it into something that I think in the future and with some touring under their belt could really become very epic and genre changing. On a technical level, this cd is something different for sure that I was really happy for but I just wish they would have done more with the last three tracks, but I will say this for a debut record what a concept. This could be the soundtrack to a suicide, it is so haunting and yet so mesmerizing it is so easy to get lost in this world and close your eyes and let this music take you away.

7.5 out of 10