Music Review-All Hail the Yeti-All Hail the Yeti


Connor Garritty (vocals)
Nicholas Diltz (bass)
Skylar Feigel (drums)
Craw NeQuent (guitar)

Track Listing

Deep Creek
When the Sky Falls
Suicide Woods
The Weak and Wounded (Prelude to Flames)
After the Great Fire
The Art of Mourning
I Am Wendigod
Axe Murder Hollow
Ruby Ridge (Every Knee Shall Bow)
Judas Cradle

Review-All Hail the Yeti debut record is an interesting and guilty pleasure. The first thing you notice about this band is that the sound is hard to classify in one genre, because each song seems to branch out into different genres of metal. That is the one thing that separates this band from the outset that this band’s sound is just as offbeat and odd as the name of the band. There is no denying that this band does not have passion and the songs are not energetic and catchy, this is a band that has no problem mixing different styles and elements into their songs. This album on paper or when thinking about it, should never work but somehow the cd for the most does work. The lyrics of the songs show the band does not really take itself serious, and almost sounds like they actually think they are “The Yeti”. Deep Creek opening this cd truly prepares the listener for what is coming up, with its hardcore feel and the catchy riffs that sound Pantera Vulgar Display of Power inspired.

This is a band that is riff filled, they are out to get you to bang your head and confuse you with all the different directions they pull you into. The vocals are such a pissed off energy that seems to fuel the band and their aggression. This band even incorporates a harmonica into their sound, and mixes it with a stoner metal structure and calls it The Art of Mourning. Then they have After the Great Fire, which they have a guest female vocalist that really makes the song stand out. The cd is around an hour long and for me maybe 35 minutes was really good, and the last 25 well it needs more work. This cd for the most part is really something unique for the listener, but I felt that maybe some songs like the last track were not really up to par with what the opening track promised us.

7 out of 10