Music EP Reviews-White Widows-White Windows EP. and Jess and the Ancient Ones-Astral Sabbat EP. and Deadkill-Deadkill EP.


Review-White Widows are a metal hardcore band that seems to have a sound that is a cross between Machine Head and Vision of Disorder. With the vocals being in that hardcore Vision delivery with the band being in that Machine Head meets southern sludge feel. This band takes their sound and does something a little unique instead of sounding like a copy, they tend to stick to a slower and menacing pace on certain songs that really work for them, but the hardcore stuff is sure to get your attention as well with its heavy vocals and even sick and riff a minute guitar sound. This is a band that seems to want to explore different avenues and sounds throughout this ep. This band is going to only get bigger and better with each release, but I have to admit this is a really good start to a band that I think have tons of potential. Each song is like a different band and really is adventurous and so crushing while being very heavy. I bitch so much about bands who have no experimentation or nothing to set them apart, this band has a ton of both and each song on this cd is solid and will make you wish it was more than just 6 songs.

8.5 out of 10


01. “Astral Sabbat”
02. “Long And Lonesome Road”
03. “More Than Living”

Jess – Vocals
Thomas Corpse – Lead guitar
Thomas Fiend – Lead guitar & backing vocals
Von Stroh – Rhythm guitar
Fast Jake – Bass guitar
Abraham – Keyboard
Yussuf – Drums & percussion

Review-Jess and the Ancient Ones is a psychedelic progressive band that seems to draw on 60’s Jefferson Airplane with a hint of Janis and 70’s Frank Zappa as influences. This is clearly a band that really has a ton of talent and will gather more fans in hard rock and maybe alternative than metal. If people wanted to know how Janis Joplin would sound if she fronted Jefferson Airplane instead of Grace, you need to hear this cd. The title track is an odd way to start this cd, but this surf song gone wrong that sounds like it was in Russ Meyer’s wetdream on an acid trip is such a catchy little tune. Long and Lonesome Road which follows is a song that once it ended, it stuck in my head. It sounds like something you would expect from the past, not the present and that is why it worked. The guitar sound has this southern groove to mix it with the soulful voice that sounds like it just wants to jump off the cd and hit you right between the eyes. The last song More than Living is almost 15 minutes long and can be best described as this band’s dope smoke song, with a riff that sounds like a slowed down southern homage to Freebird. All I really have to add to this review is that I love this band and this ep. If you are into anything classic rock and love the old school female psychedelic experimental singers of that yesteryear Jess is a voice to be reckoned with.

9 out of 10



1. Oh God Help You
2. 5150
3. Outta My Head
4. Rip Off

Bryan Krieger (vocals), Kirby C. Johnson (guitar), Michael Loftus (Bass) and Shawn Trudeau (drums)

Review-This seven-inch debut is 4 songs that are just hardcore punk with so much anger and attitude that will make you think that hardcore punk is alive and well. With members from bands like The Meices and Himsa to name a few these are the right guys to really try to wave the flag for any kind of musical resurgence. I am not sure whether I should call Bryan Krieger a singer, he seems to scream and talk angrily to us and has an incredible backing band that makes his message so much more powerful and violent. This ep is such a great statement to get people excited for what this band is going to put out for a full length. This is just pure punk rock attitude and just almost metal guitars that really seem to come off like more Agnostic Front, old school Sick of it all, Black Flag, and maybe Dead Kennedy’s than bands like Pig Destroyer. This band plays with passion and an energy that is infectious and just addictive that you have to go back to this record again and again.

8 out of 10