Movie Review-The Hounds


Review-Midnight Releasing without a doubt is becoming a serious force. Amicus, Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You!, Hayride and now this film. The Hounds takes a familiar premise we seen in millions of horror films, young people going on a hike and camping in the middle of nowhere, and adds a little twist to it. The film centers around 4 friends, Jake, Sarah, Dave and Jake’s brother Martin. We learn that they are going on a hiking weekend together, but before the weekend they decide to go to a party they were invited to. Well, the next day everyone but Martin is ready for the trip, it seems that Martin partied too much is in bed hung over. So, the three decide to go alone and at first everything appears to be fine, until they discover a dead person is buried beside where they have the camp fire.

To add to the film, there is a side story going on while the three are in the woods about Mike who is a police detective with a past of alcohol and a tragedy involving his little son. Mike is on a case called The Hounds and as the camp story is playing out, so is Mike’s pursuit of this group called The Hounds. This film in the first 40 minutes is both slow burning and also confusing, you know all the stories are going to be intertwined but you cannot figure out how, and to the film’s credit they let you keep on guessing till the last few minutes, which was good but also I wish the film had a better payoff for watching it, then it offered. When the horror element of the film entered which was the dead body they recovered who is now alive and can shape shift into any of the characters and is out to kill all 3 but cannot die himself, I thought was fun and really got the ball moving on this film.

This film is a hard sell, because the slow pace of the first forty minutes may not be to some’s liking, the confusion that is scattered around this film may take some out of the film, but if people were patient with the film and its flow, the film does give you enough moments to really keep your interest as it goes on. The characters in the film were ok for a low budget film, the acting is nothing special but yet it is not over the top or bad, it was just average. I just hated the way the film gave us the twist and seemed to just fade to black. I wish they would have put just as much importance to the care of giving us that as they did building the stories in the first half. All in all, this was original in a way and familiar in other ways. It tried to take a done to death premise and add something to it, the results are a mixed bag and while I can recommend this film slightly, I think depending on your taste and patience with horror films will be the true test to know if this film is for you or not.

7 out of 10