Movie Review-Sloppy The Psychotic


Sloppy The Psychotic focuses on main character Mike, when the film opens he seems like a normal enough guy who has this job entertaining kids as Sloppy the clown. Where the psychotic will come in is when life hits him hard with a series of bad ordeals from losing his job as a clown due to a parent reading into a situation with Mike and the kid the wrong way, and being picked on by some local guys. This film in the first half hour centers on the descent into madness and thus becoming a serial killer dressed up as a clown. This film seemed to use the clown persona almost as Bill Murray did in Quick Change; in almost a dry comedic way that you just feel there is so much going on inside this guy’s head that he is going to lose it. A film like this, it is not so much the start of the descent that you’re interested in, it is the descent itself and how far it goes and this film did not hold back once the killing starts. I am a fan of clown horror, and this film is an orgy of gore, nudity and some of the sickest darkest humor I have seen in an indie horror film in a long time. This is a film that as it goes on, it plays scene to scene can you top that. If the scene before it was controversial or offensive, the next scene is going to be more controversial and offensive.

I will warn people right now, if you are a parent and thinking about hiring a clown for your kid’s next birthday, you may not want to watch the final 15 minutes of this film. If attacking people with special needs is offensive to you, you may not want to watch this film either. This film has a little something for anyone in terms of a gore style that may harken some back to old school 80’s Troma, a sick sense of humor that I have no idea who thinks of the humor that is in this film, especially the scene that involves dog poop. As with most indie horror films shot on the cheap, it has some flaws like one character who dies in a scene and then in the direct next scene he is dressed as a hooker talking about someone doing something vile to his vagina. I have to ask myself, who would ever think of saying this stuff in life much less in a dialogue. That is the best part of this film to me is that it dared people to find it tasteless and offensive and did not care, and it was just what it was. The kills in this film were fun and over the top with the gore and effects. My biggest gripe is that I wanted more, once the killing and the cannibalistic stuff started to happen, I did not want it to stop. I could have sat thru 30 more minutes; this film really went for it and delivered solidly. This is that indie film that I think people should check out and see what true indie cinema is about. This film is an orgy of great ideas and a brave approach to film. I think horror fans will have a blast with this title and people should check it out and give it a chance.

8 out of 10