Movie Review-Slaughter Tales


Review-Slaughter Tales is 14-year old Johnny Dickie’s debut. There is one thing for sure about watching this film if ambition and heart mean anything in today’s society and filmmaking, this kid has a bright future. If you watch the trailers to the film, you already know that Johnny himself knows that this film is nothing more than a foot in the door, and he even himself acknowledges that some people may not like it. So going into the film, you know Dickie is not taking himself serious and that the film he is presenting is going to be more fun inspired then serious horror. Wild Eye Releasing who is distributing this film has seem in the last few years to have a keen sense of where film seems to be heading as this is another one of the films they are gaining a reputation for. that being a throwback to the vhs days of the early 80’s. The film is about a teenager, who steals a VHS tape called appropriately enough Slaughter Tales. And before the film starts, he gets of course trailers of upcoming films which were creative enough and at times funny. But, the film contains a Great Evil, and also we get to watch an anthology film with the main character.

This film has a lot of positives, but it also has just as much negatives. This film has a fun little retro look to it, and the humor in this film is not bad and may keep viewers interested in the film. I liked the heart and determination of Johnny to have the guts to at least attempt this film, and trust me for a 14 year old young male with a small budget he made a better film then most adults with huge budgets, his style sort of reminded me of another teen sensation by the name of Emily Hagins. When you watch this film and also Emily’s past work, you know that they are so passionate and full of youth that their best days are ahead of them. Another negative which happens in a lot of small budget films, is the constant use of areas and actors but again that negative you almost expect in films like this. At 14 years old, I know personally I could not do this or was I motivated to try for that alone, the kid deserves some praise. As far as Slaughter Tales, the guy is a huge horror fan and really tries to make the most of this film as he can, but this film at times was just so slow moving and has so many shortcomings again due to budget and time more than likely, that it is really a hard film to really recommend, much less re-watch it. The guy has a good eye for effects and his sicker elements and in even in the documentary on the special features he shows you how it was done. I just think he needs more maturity in the storytelling department, and more experience on films and add that with his heart and passion, and I think this guy could be huge say in a few more films or a few years.

5 out of 10