Movie Review-Skull World


Review-Director Justin McConnell so far has created an interesting resume of films. A few years ago I got to witness his metal documentary Working Class Rock Star that really gave you the true Behind the Music. I was really a fan of the way he let the subjects on screen tell their stories and did not try to use his ego or have to inject himself but let the true stars be the stars. So, how would someone who created a metal documentary follow that up, why of course a survivalist horror film called The Collapsed. In the Collapsed, Justin again showed that he really cares more about storytelling then he does trying to dumb us down with gore and violence. So, how does he follow this up, well with a documentary called Skull World. Skull World is a 100 minute documentary following a man known as Skull Man aka Greg Sommer. If you are not familiar with who Greg is, in the past he has helped Justin work on some other projects as well as having a scene in The Collapsed as a gunner. While this is a documentary, the planet this man lives on is nowhere near any reality that I have witnessed before.

Justin in this documentary let’s Greg and this alter ego Skull Man tell their stories, which I am starting to see is a strong key in Justin’s films, no matter what you think about the man’s work give him credit, he knows how to tell a story and pick characters that are not your everyday characters. Like in Working Class, Metal plays a part of this film as well and clearly could be a case that this music does bring out the weirdest kind of people. (me included) My main fear going into this film was how this film can entertain me for so long about this man and his alter ego, and within ten minutes I just seemed to get lost in this world and had fun with it. This film mixes oddness, serious with comedy in a way, that each scene you just want to stick around with the story just to cheer the man on and know more about this man. This film is detailed, it gives you a solid background story, it chronicles his life and it is blunt and honest.

Another subject of this film is a concept called Box Wars, which is this event that people dress up in cardboard costumes with cardboard everything including defense methods and fight. If you watched films like Role Models you have seen something similar to it played. It was scenes like this that really make this documentary a cut above other documentaries about a subject and that subject’s existence. Justin lets this story be told no matter how absurd it gets, and that is the beauty of this is that it is different but yet similar to other biographies we have seen.

This film seems to go from funny to serious without losing a beat, and really was a story that I felt needed to be told. Of course, you know the name Skull Man has to be all about the rock, and the guy keeps the music alive during the film that he comes across as that guy in the center of the pit at a death metal show that is ready to defend his territory. This was a fun time in a world that I personally do not know how I would fit in, but it would be fun to try. The biggest positive to me to recommend this film is for all you people who say, that documentaries are not entertaining and different, this story is going to keep your attention and by the end, have you raising the devil horns and wanting to meet this guy and shake his hand, and say “dude you are the kind of people who make life really interesting”.

8 out of 10