Movie Review-Purge


To be honest, Purge is an odd movie to be on the Troma label. Troma and most importantly Lloyd Kaufman have made their name from low budget sleazy gross out and very fun horror films that get people to pay attention or laugh at its absurdity. A lot has to be said about a company that is taking on such ambitious small films like Purge, and that is Troma really is starting to show people that they have no limits and bounds as to what they want to distribute or films they are looking to acquire. Purge starts off by giving us a story about 275 Parallel Universe and that genetic engineering revolution is happening with people artificially created by generic engineering companies and that people are programmed to be happy. Think about this humankind, we are all now happy. Well when you express an emotion such as love or even concern, that is considered forbidden and those who do are taken care of, well unless you escape then you are considered a stray and you survive underground until they catch you. Underground there is a gang which so happens to be called The Strays, that rejects the government and are being hunted down daily.

To be fair to the film, it is an ultra-low budget sci fi film, and is more story based then effects based. So, if you can get into the story then you will have a certain amount of fun with the film. The film centers around a character named Layla, who thinks in the start that she leads this happy life, she is a sex worker who does porn on a website. Layla’s world comes crashing one day when she realizes she cannot perform anymore, and that something is effecting her and tearing her down. Well, she gets arrested and learns that she has been given a drug by Peta who is her lover, this drug Peta tells her at first is an aphrodisiac, but we soon learn that was a lie and it is actually going to kill her soon if she does not get more into her system or get help. As you can guess, no one will help Layla because her lover is the leader of the Strays. The film from there goes into a few directions with Layla on the streets looking for Peta, and when she does find Peta, Peta helps her for Layla to become a helpful tool to Peta.

For the 77 minute runtime this film gives you a lot to work with, not so much visual effects wise but a decent told story that depends more on the characters working with each other than it does trying to sell a CGI effect. The film is a slow burn and really has little action to it, that it depends more on its storytelling to keep you involved and the following of the Layla character. I think this is a gamble that Troma right now can afford to make, plus I feel it opens the doors for more indie directors to be welcome to give Troma a slice of something different. I did not mind the characters, the dialogue was cheesy but at least they did not try to go over the top with it and kept it simple. The film for a slow burn, did fly by pretty fast and I did like some of the twists and turns of this film, it is nothing perfect but it is nothing bad either. Maybe average, worth a rental one night.

7 out of 10