Movie Review-Noobz


Noobz is what would happen if you took Hot Tub Time Machine mixed it with Road Trip and added video gaming to it. The plot involves Cody(who is played by the director Blake Freeman) who seems to be having a bad day, when he loses his latest job at being a real estate agent, he also loses his wife who dumps him because all he seems to do is want to play video games with his friends. You can say this video game world has taken over his existence, he plays Gears of War in what they call a pack with 3 other guys. The 3 other guys are Andy (played by Jason Mewes) who is a manager at a video store who also is living the dead end job life, all he cares about as well is video games. The other two in this pack is Hollywood, who is a young boy who has a breathing tank he carries with him for his asthma and Oliver who may or may not be in the closet with his sexuality.

When news of the Cyber Bowl in California is announced, our four gamers want to go and compete. It seems our guys have a rivalry with another clan called Black Assassins who are also going to play in Cyber Bowl. The hilarity of this film is basically how much it makes fun of itself. Like the casting of Casper Van Dien as himself, talk about someone who really made the most of his moments on this film. Casper was just downright funny mocking himself. Jason Mewes does what Jason does, which when he is motivated can really be funny as all hell. Though, at times in the film he seemed to be coasting off the same jokes we seen from him over and over in the past. The film does veer off course with other characters and stories like Greg Lipstein who looks like Joe Dirt and acts like he is trapped in the cheesy film 80’s vortex.

Greg goes to the Cyber Bowl to play for the Frogger championship, which he was at one time the king of all coin operated video games. And Jason Mewes has a love interest, which is also part of a clan who is competing at the Cyber Bowl as well. This film is harmless fun that I found myself laughing more times than I thought I would. I had no expectations going into this film, and left it having a blast and really enjoying it. This film is not out to be the next Hangover, it is just out to entertain and make fun of itself as much as possible. The film may have some scenes that could offend some, but you just know with films like this the R rating was no mistake and it was there for a reason. The film has very crude humor and I thought while not cutting edge humor, the jokes fit the film for the most part.

My negatives of the film were not what the main stars brought, it was what the side stars brought. I did not like the racist humor that the Black Assassins tried to come across with, I felt it was not funny and at times it was just flat. Though, when you get to see all the members of that clan play was pretty funny.

Casper stole the film, and I just felt this was his best stuff since Starship Troopers. People brag about Tyson in Hangover having that breakout performance, fuck that Casper in this film was really so over the top that you had to love it.

Noobz I will put in the same category as Sex Drive, it was something I expected nothing from and left having a blast so much so, that I re-watched it with director commentary after I was done. And Jason Mewes and the director on that commentary with this film is also another must have treasure. Finally a director commentary that did not let me down.

8.5 out of 10