Movie Review-Nobody Gets Out Alive


The film opens in November of 2000, and a group of teens had a little too much to drink at a party and decide to drive home. It just so happens that on this fateful day there would be a 12 year old girl who is on the edge of a country road playing hopscotch. While she is playing her dad Hunter is getting some wood ready, and he is watching her have fun till the teens run her down by accident and kill her. As with many of us, this devastates Hunter and he takes off to the local woods and becomes somewhat of a legend that people who go into his woods do not get out alive. The film fast forwards to now and we meet Jenn who is a troubled young woman who has just been released from a medical facility, while it leads us to believe it is for her mental issues, as the film goes on we wonder why she was really in that hospital. Jenn when she gets home is forced to go with 6 other people to a trip in the woods to camp out.

As with most slashers you get the characters who are loud and obnoxious, and the one who is not quite there mentally. You also get the non working cellphones and the dumbest logic as to why when things start to go down they are not hauling ass out of the woods. But let’s be honest about it, that is why we watch these slasher type films anyway, for the dumb fun and this film gives it to you in loads. This film seemed to mix 70’s horror with an 80’s mentality. When the killing starts is when this film really puts its foot down on the pedal and lets it rip. There is a scene in this film where someone who is tied up is trying to rationalize with Hunter and he starts to open up and speak, and I thought that really gave the killer some depth to him, where he was not just a faceless killing machine, that he in his mind thinks he is doing right.

The runtime of this film is a little under 77 minutes, and like most slashers in the woods it is a slow build but had a comedy element that helped the film and us get into the characters more. Another positive to this film was that it took out some of the logic that we are set to believe watching these films, some of the situations that happen we are used to with these films, but the end to the scene is a little different then we are used to happening. The director had the passion for this film to try and give us familiarity but yet throw in something a little different, like little touches that you may not expect. This film also has some cool little jump scares and really gives you some well done and very grotesque kills. The film has some flaws to it, some of the campfire stuff dragged along just a little, but those gripes aside this film is very much a fun time for any horror fan, and also a warning we may have some new talent emerging. I am dying to see what these guys can do with a huge budget, if they can create this on a minor budget.

7.5 out of 10