Movie Review-Muay Thai Warrior


Coming from Well Go USA on March 5th

Review-I will admit I was a fan of Ong Bak and Tony Jaa and that hard hitting style of fighting called Muay Thai. I am a sucker for action films and on top of Muay throw in Japanese swordplay, how can this film be nothing short of awesome? Before we answer that question, let’s talk about this film it centers around a Japanese samurai named Yamada Nagamasa who we learn is not only a samurai but he is an adventurer in the Sukothai Dynasty in Ayutthaya around the 17th century. This film is about how after he discovers a plot to kill the king instigated by his own people; Yamada is attacked by a group of ninjas and left for dead and now feeling betrayed he is out to fight these warriors he once thought were his family. From there he is rescued and taught how to merge this new technique to him with his own tradional martial arts, and he gains the respects of the other Thai warriors and he becomes a bodyguard to the king whose name is Naresuan the Great, which will lead him on the road to the showdown with his former allies. As far as historical films go, I love the look and feel of this film. They really captured the time very well, and there is a good amount of very cool martial arts on display in this film. Though it does offer hokey CGI blood, but you get a lot of brutally cool sword scenes and a huge fix of fighting that any action junkie would be in heaven a lot with this film for even overlooking the negatives to this film.

This film was good, but it should have been great. One of my main issues is the over doing on the slow motion sequences, it got to be very irritating when they just started to use them outside of fighting and just simple gestures. I get the point that it is supposed to bring importance to a scene, but it made the scene seem almost like a mockery more than serious. The story itself is so done to death just too overly familiar, so if you are going to watch this for dialogue or how scenes will play out, chances are you have seen this stuff done many times before. But in all honesty, how many of us watch these films for the scenes, or characters anyway? We watch them for the pure action and breathtaking fights, and this film delivers those throughout that you will not be bored by the over familiar feel you get watching this film. If you are a fan of Asian cinema and you love Muay Thai and love to eat popcorn you are going to be entertained by this film. This is a film that does not look to redefine the genre, but to exist in it. For me, I thought the fight scenes were above average and the rest of the film was average at best, I mean I was not bored by this film and really did enjoy I guess revisiting this period film that Asian cinema seems to give me once a week, or day I am not really sure anymore but they sure do love these period pieces.

7.5 out of 10